My Encouragement!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vows and Promises

So now i am starting over..
and i hear all these new promises..
I smile unknowingly at your genuine vows...
thinking should i tell "I have already heard all these?"

I have been in love so deep
I have been head over heels
I have been promised true love
I have been deceived...

So when you are pledging for a forever
Let me tell you they don't last..
All i need is you to commit
and hold on when life seems to fall apart...

So be with me as if each day and every hour
you feel you are destined to be with me...
As if you and i can't be different souls..
As if not finding me around makes everything less worth..
and even with differences i can count on your every word..

I promise i will love you like no one has ever...
I promise nothing will be extinguished or forgotten..
As long as you will live i will be in your arms..
Just make me believe there can be a forever...

So now am starting over..
Starting over with you...
Praying silently You be 'the one'
who keeps his promises...
You be 'the one'
i have been searching all these years...
You be 'the one' whose heart aches to see me in tears...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Withered Rose

She turned pages
and found a withered rose..
She remembered him
and her heart froze

She cried till she choked
as she revoke her past..
Her eyes tumid and red
Cursed his existence till the last...

He broke her heart
He broke his promises..
He broke her faith
He broke her...

She stared at the withered rose
mindlessly For hours
In silence she screamed 'Why?'
She dared not to ask...

A rose shook her sturdy heart
A rose made her shed a million tears..
A rose made her realize she still loved him
A rose made her realize he was not worth all...

She sat all hushed and mum..
Her heart still hurting..
She looked at the wrinkled flower
ans She looked at herself
Just like this parched blossom she thought
Let this Love fade away......

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Miserable In Her Own Way

She hears her own words
cause he started the story and forgot to finish it...
She makes her self smile
cause he once made her laugh and left her with ocean of tears...
She keeps herself busy
cause doing nothing haunts her mind with his thoughts...
She lives with no emotions..
She lives for reasons she doesn't understand....
She misses him to no extent
Neither can she live with him
nor can she live without him....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

There Are Days When I.....

There are days when I
console the storm inside...
Days when I say to me
I am fine, I don't need you by my side..
Days when I put up a smile
and walk the thorns on my own...
Days when I be brave
to step in unexpected and deal with it all alone..
Days when I try not to
remember your deceitful promises...
Days when I hope I be strong
living your mistakes of taking the defeat...

Then there are days when I
can't console the storm inside...
Days when I breakdown
to find you not by my side....
Days when I cry a hundred tears
and bleed on the thorns you left me to walk on..
Days when I be hopeless
in the unexpected alone...
Days when the pain doesn't end
when I think of your deceitful promises...
Days when I wish
you never should have been a part of my life....

Days when I hate you and I love you...
Days when I hate myself for loving you...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Falling In Love With You

I smile all day
and smile when you say 'Darling, you are the one'
In my mind i dance a slow tune
And I can't help falling in love with you...

I walk our time with you
and You hold my hand and say 'Darling,be safe'
In my heart a warmth gives in
And I can't help falling in love with you...

I push you away
And You caress my lips and say 'Darling,let me stay.I insist.'
I look at you with a frail depth
And I can't help falling in love with you..

So i fumble and error
every time you are around..
You watch me faze my every move and say 'Darling,I adore you'
And I can't help falling in love with you...

I smile all day
I smile when you are not there
I smile when you look at me
I smile always
So this is how it feels falling in love with you....

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Best friends Conversation 2

"You said no to marry me. How dare you?" she clobbered him in a corner.

"What?"  he almost screamed "Marry You?".

"Your parents came to my house, asked  my hand to my folks. They said they will break off your current engagement because they know their son will be happy with me. So everything goes so smoothly, the engagement date is fixed. All the arrangements done. Suddenly you come to me and you say 'I don't love you. I won't be able to love you and that I want to call off this engagement. How dare you?" she yelled.

"And when did all this happen?" he asked her politely.

"Well in my dreams" she replied. " But how dare you say no to me even if its in my dream?" she made her sad little face.

He laughed so hard.

"You are insane. I will never do that. I will be the most happiest person if we get engaged." he said getting her close in his arms."I love you too much to ever say no to you."

"Yeah, I know that. Sad you are getting married to someone else though. We could have been a perfect couple ." she brushed his hair.

"Hey how about an extra marital affair? We can always do that" he asked her.

She laughed. "Your wife better like me. You know how it is with the girls and me especially when they are my best friend's girl friend.. There is a big history of they ending up not liking me."

"Oh, she has too." he said.

"We will see about that. You guys all change. You obey their orders like under some evil spell" she said.

"Hey i have known you for more than ten years. You have been there when were in junior college playing truth or dare, when i broke up with a wicked witch, was jobless. You spent hours talking to me when i had nothing to do just to give me company. You were always there. So if she can't understand this, she my dear won't understand me" he said.

"Not as much as you were. What would i have done without you in these last two horrible years? I owe you so much" she said. "As long as she doesn't eat your head am okay."

"I love you" he said.

"I love you too. Just let me get married first please." she said

"I will try. That fellow who ever he will be has to undergo a lot of surveillance. He better watch out" he said.

"Just don't scare him off. I wanna get married some day." she laughed.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Night O Night Fade Away

I can't complain... I can't breathe.. I can't smile.. I can't live.. And yet i go on.. Walking on a pathless way.. Walking on a love tomb.. She Thought .... With this dark night comes in our good memories and they shadow my smile to wish we never had met.....She Thought . She buries her Head in the pillow 
and cries the night 
hoping it would smother her 
by accident Cold weary night it is.. she thought As cold as his promises.. She Thought...
She looks out the window.. There are dead soles wishing for life..  
and the living souls are 
breathing as the dead.... She Thought She couldn't hold his thoughts away.. 
How can a planned lifetime be forgotten in days... She Thought Move on they tell her.. 
She laughs.. 
Be at my place..hold my pain See how it feels.. She Thought.. This night o night fade away.. I sleep with no love..  
I wake up with no life.. She Thought

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Conversation In Shayari

He said "Gawah hai ye aasman,
              Gawah hai ye hawa,
              Kisiko na chaha kabhi tumhare siwa,
              Kyun hai phir ye tanhaiyan?"

I said   "Tanhai na duriyo se aati hai,
             Tanhai na nazdikiyo se jaati hai.
             Kuch log pyar hi aise karte hai,
             Woh paas aye toh bhi tanha hote hai..
             Woh dur jaaye toh bhi tanha hote hai...."

He said "Beautiful"

I said "Aap copy paste karte hai, hum dilse originals likhte hai."

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Romantic Rendezvous

"Its so green out" he said
"Let me make you a cup of tea" said I.
He held my hand and pulled me close
Dare you step away from me he cried.

So i sat there cuddled up in his arms
and we watched the clouds shedding by.
We looked at two birds hiding in the tree
"Aren't We the same my Love" he spieled.

He smelled my hair,
He kissed my cheeks,
Gently Oh so gently! he reached my lips,
He locked them with mine so soft and brief.

We stared at the sky and falling drops
and we made boats and ran them down the streams.
He made me take a walk in rain
I felt this is a deceptive dream.

I let him love me the way he wanted
I never questioned his silliness the day
A romantic unexpected rendezvous it was
Clasped in his arms i walked the rains.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Falling in Love All Over Again.

I saw her with a smile so mesmerizing and pure. She said "I am happy. He is perfect." It was her mehndi and i was her best friend. So obviously i had to be around. We were friends for almost ten years now and in this span our friendship had undergone a lots of ups and downs. There were time when we didn't speak for months but then there were times when no matter what differences we had, we always landed up comforting each other in our own downs.
               I was seeing her as a bride today, a beautiful happy bride. It was an arrange marriage. Arrange! this word scares the hell out of me. We both had a screw up relationship almost at the same time. Both our partners had bailed out of fear of commitment and later it all fell apart. And yet today i saw her this happy, recovered and healed. I was confused. May be my bruises were yet too fresh, unhealed and hurting. So making sure no one was around i asked her "How does this feel?" She smiled and said "Worth every tear i shed." "Am scared to take this leap" I said to her. "Its alright" I know this situation she said "But dear you will find someone so great that you will be forced to fall in Love all over again".
               My mind instantly had countless thoughts. That was me always thinking. I didn't know how to take that leap of faith. I knew I had been badly bruised to trust anyone anymore . If a person i had known for half a decade could so easily walk out on me I couldn't understand how would i expect a person i met a few months back to stay forever. And i pushed myself through a series of torturous thoughts. Does a forever exist? Can love still be unconditional? Even if it can be, Can I still find a person who can sweep me over my feet and win over a broken heart who has lost so much of faith in magical love stories?
               I have lost too much i thought. I have lost hope, belief and faith on the saying 'Someone out there is made just for you'. Because when it comes to relationships people manipulate, condition it and apply rules. May be I have become too skeptical, too practical and too emotionally unavailable i thought. I looked at her so back in love again. I was genuinely happy for her and in a way proud too . It takes a lot of efforts to feel this all over again or may be she found her perfect guy who made it all so easy for her. I laughed at myself for being so naive, for being so me. I am too messed up i thought and i said to myself  'Good luck to the guy who tries to lure this heart back into believing Love can exist unconditionally'.