My Encouragement!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

a journey to the past!!

an ordinary day....and ofcourse if you are sitting idle  mom insists you to clean up your cupboard... with a grim on your face,with all the frustration and anger you open the cupboard... and you dig up the mess...all the stuff thats bin there for ages... surprisingly you just find yourself travelling back in time... my one such delightful experience :) :) :)

once i was cleaning my cupboard,
it had become so much dusty..
i noticed an old book lying beneath.
with a question mark on my face,
i took it in my hand
though it looked very old
i wondered why i kept it!!!

the first page i opened &
to my surprise the book
belonged to my college days
obviously that instant a wide wide smile
had gripped my face!!!

the first four five pages
belonged to some notes
which i had so sincerely noted down...
and i grew curious to know
whats coming next
and gone was the frown!!!

yes! those were the days
so much mine
friends and only friends
made the world shine
wasn't i lucky to find good ones??
whose mind was as fussy as mine!!

i saw the pages where
'flames' was removed
those all nonsense things
i guess only we could do..
love percentages,dares and those
classy jokes one by one
made me laugh on
possibly what i had done!!!

then there was a picture,kind of cartoon,
i wondered who could this be..
oh! yes yes! this was our teacher
whose face i had drawn during his own lecture..
later ofcourse it was improved
by my friends,
below my artist buddies also
signed their names!!

haha!! i gave a hearty laugh
my!my! guts we had..
to bunk & hog & sing
we were mischievous kids
with big naughty wings!!

joy and happiness was in the air,
fun was all we ever aimed.
somethings that we did
were definitely stupid ,
but it hardly mattered
cause unknowingly we were making memories!!!

i miss you people,
incredible were the times we shared
days pass by, an era
comes to an end and
you got to move on to make new friends..
and yet everytime when i turn around and look back
i smile,cause i know you are the people to whom
i can never say 'good bye'!!!


  1. Once while cleanin my cupboard, i had found a "slam book"..(11th std) :D..was so LOL but it was awesome n a remembrance of all those cherishing moments indeed :-)

  2. Some memories are just evergreen and always make us smile...Good post!

    1. thanks jaish.. had written this years before :) just a remembrance of being in college!! miss those days!