My Encouragement!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

a lost love!!!

i just remembered all
those tried to forgotten days
with all its brisk tinge
tears came down like rain

all those words which
are yet kept here untold
and those silent feats that
now leave my heart cold

i have a flower in hand
whose petals are lively red
they were then and they are now
only its fragrance has faded

how happy i had bin when
i knew you loved me
it took me by surprise
but the fate was hard to believe

don't weep oh heart
when the ground is greeted by shower
it's never meant for joy
since winter is soon to follow

silent the world has become around
since you left mine without a sound
how slowly and quietly you made your way
couldn't even hear my own dream's break

i collected those broken pieces
and did join them together
this time there was something missing
you who had left forever

wasn't i a fool to
expect so much from you
everything is incompletely done
and the grief is nothing new

sagged are my hopes one by one
that i held to please myself
it pricks me like a thorn
no tears left to spare

what should i do next
will i be able to walk alone
i ask myself to see
but it's so lost somewhere
that it doesn't even answer me!