My Encouragement!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

the wrong one!!

love is a complicated situation to be in.. we prepare our ourselves to fight the world for it....but sometimes love itself lets us down and we are in a dilemma!! to wait or move on!! to sit and expect that 'the one' will come back and realize your so deep love...or accept that you were betrayed and let go!! this poem is for those who invested their love for 'the wrong one' to just realize they had been a fool all along!!

when i left the hope
that you would return..
years for what my eyes waited,
my patience burned...
those longing hours,day
and night i remember...
shedding tears,praying
for the distance to surrender.....

everyday i woke up
with a new hope to meet..
everynight i slept
may be tomorrow;you i see...
love was struggling to
make itself survive..
in the midst of all darkness
no silver ray it could find....
its just a matter of time
it kept saying..
surrounded by innocent dreams
scared to see them crumbling....

then one day unexpected though
we met as strangers so..
you stood numb,eyes down
not a word,not a sound..
you didn't call me,you didn't respond
never said i missed you long..
tears made their way on this.
my heart was left shattered;
this is what i got for
all those prayers....

i wanted to tell you how
badly i needed you,
how very tough everyday was
when you were away....
all i wanted was to cry
in your arms,
so grief could make their way.....

you let your silence speak,
my life then seemed bleak..
with heavy steps i made my way,
the castle of my love
had been mocked away...
blown was my faith in
love,the moment i left....
yet you be at god's grace
was all i said....

the love has ended now,
i know it's all over.....
today,ever when i recall that day
my heart gives a shiver........!!!!!!