My Encouragement!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

a conversation: 2

he: "my mom was saying you are a good girl. She really likes you."
she: "ofcourse, she will cause i am !!"
he: "hahaha.. Someone should ask me that. I cover you up a lot in front of people. Make you look good!!"
she: what!
he: "yeah! ask me the real you."
she: "you never find anything good in me. you always have to look for my mistakes."
he: yes!! always!! who else will??


  1. hehe.. typical conversation between couples.. in love :)

  2. My sweetheart's a Leo. She would have kicked my butt if I said anything remotely close..:P

    1. Oh my god!! a leo! i wish you a heartiest luck! may your story have a lovely journey

    2. Thanks a ton dear.. And I guess a Gemini like me is a perfect foil for a Lioness :)(I sincerely do hope so too.)