My Encouragement!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


 Standing there staring at his name she thought of all the good times. He made her laugh to the extent that she would flip out of her chair. He loved her hair. The way he played it with his soft fingers,tugging them away every time it covered her face. His light brown mesmerizing eyes that would cast a love spell impossible to resist. He was so perfect, attentive to her every move, always reading her mind, knowing her thoughts as they came. He had the perfect smile to get her back from her grumpy grievous side..
                        It's the way he planned those perfect moments and anniversaries, giving her stories to make her female friends envious. And so secretly proud was she of that. He was her life, her comfort, her soul.
                         She stood there staring at his grave. Hoping he would somehow hug her from behind and say it was just a joke. He had played such a prank before  and he knew how much it had hurt her. Yet like a fool she turned around to see if he would be standing there, pointing and laughing at her.
                        The reason for her visit this time was different. Not that she stopped missing him or something but this time she was angry at him. She had stormed out of her house, drove all the way just to tell him that she was angry. He had made her life too easy,happy and perfect. He had loved her too much and now she was forced to live without it. His perfect love didn't allow her to move on, didn't allow her to feel and fall in love again. Cause every time she tried she landed up comparing those amateurs to his love and their love seemed so naive. Time and again this would happen and that she was tired of the loneliness
                     She shouted, cried, explained. She spoke her mind. She spoke her heart. Tired of life, tired of missing him; she wept on his grave....
                     After a while, after all the complaints and hate, the storm in her receded. Suddenly she felt the guilt. She felt as if she betrayed him complaining his love was too perfect. How could she be so selfish? She had turned his perfect love into a tool for her anger, an excuse to try and get back at him so she could get on with her life..
                      She stood there staring at his name. Hoping that he would be listening, her eyes wet asking for forgiveness. The anger all gone but her soul wrapped in guilt, she felt horrible. It was time she knew to say her last goodbye. She always feared the moment, the fact that she would never have the guts to do it. But she had to learn to let go. Not giving into the guilt she kissed his grave, smiled at him and said goodbye.
                     She stood there for a moment embracing the grief one last time. Gave him the last look of love hoping he would forgive her and that he would be at peace. She turned her back and slowly walked away from the only man she loved. The man who taught her perfect love.  

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