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Monday, October 17, 2011

it won't work

"No,it won't work" he said."Our families have nothing in common and i personally don't think us getting married is a good idea." 
                  she stood there silent and still. marriage was not even on her list. not yet. all she wanted was to make this work but every time he would come up with ideas to blow her out. she was tired of holding on.she was tired of thinking one day he will notice what he meant for her.
                 "okay,but it was you who had said few years back that everything will be fine,that we will work it out with our parents. you had promised me you will see to it" she was almost on the verge of tears. her eyes holding on to the big pearly drops as if they were precious. she didn't want to seem weak and ugly. he hated when she cried.
                 "i am sorry" he said. "things were different then. i was too young and i didn't think this through." there was no hint of hurt in his eyes. he seemed so stable. he spoke as if it wasn't his fault.
                 she stood quiet cause she knew she was far away from convincing him. may be this time she didn't want to convince him. far long back his proposal seemed like a cinderella story. she was  the lady in gown, the lucky one to see him bow down to his knees to tell her he loved her. he even promised her happily ever after. so much for that she laughed in her  here he is saying "it won't work".
                 "goodbye then"she said. and those stupid drops had to trickle down her cheeks. she waited so that he could hold her close and wipe them one last time.but he didn't.he stood there watching her. she looked into his eyes trying to find that one look of sadness. but he seemed normal and that ached her heart. was she the only one in pain. it couldn't hurt more.
                 she left. didn't look back. she hated herself for making a wrong choice. anything works if you want it to work  she thought. but the damage was done.
                 then suddenly her phone beeped. a text message from him " turn around idiot. did you really think i was gonna let you go"


  1. awww... <3 <3

    I am so glad you changed the name of your blog.. it was meant to hold warm fuzzy posts like these

  2. :) :) :) well d credit goes to u!! u helped me wid the name!! :) :)

  3. :P.. that was an 'awwwwwh' post as you girls call it..:D