My Encouragement!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

a moment of appreciation!!

yes!! i know we had our bad patch.. but we did have our happy stories.. it doesn't matter to me whether we drifted apart, hurt each other or turned our back when one of us needed to hold on.. we have been there for each other a number of times.. and that's what i am proud of...
                  i am proud that we could work out on our differences, i am proud that despite many of our senseless behaviour we had the courage to confront them, we had the courage to say sorry.. to realize no matter what life had destined we didn't turn out to be those people who cursed each other forever..
                 i am just happy that i made the right choices in life.. i made a right choice being with you...          
                 making  relations work is a part of life.. sometimes they just don't.. i cant justify why..we all have our own reasons... being with you taught me a lot.. not being with you taught me the most.. i don't regret fate.. it was never ours... but am glad we accepted what came and moved on..
                 its nice to know the care,the concern still exists... that we can still laugh at each others mistakes... its nice to know it wasn't just a fluke.. that i can still count on you... that we can still be friends..
                 it was a great journey... indeed.. a roller coaster ride... thrilling and nerve breaking... even though it has ended it has left us with a smile...

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  1. You sound so much in control. When I had broken up a years back, I was badly. We were a rather difficult couple anyway.

    Appreciate your attitude towards it all girl.