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Monday, October 31, 2011

"yeah!! a long distance relationship"

"yeah, a long distance relationship" she said angrily "and why is it so hard for all of you  to accept. i am happy in one. why is it bothering you so much?" her eyes wide. she was tired of  confronting and explaining it to every one. he on the other hand was not expecting such a harsh emotion. the pleasant friendly conversation had suddenly turned into a rebel.
                it wasn't the first time eyebrows were raised when she mentioned she was in a long distance relationship. the classic typical look of surprise on every ones faces. at first she loved the way they reacted,made her feel different from the usual dating crowd but now somehow it had started getting annoying.
               "no tell me, she scowled at her friend "what's the big deal in it?". he had his doubts ready and clear. he started "well,they never last anyways. you people are miles apart, there's no romance,not many mushy moments. you cant hold hands when you want to neither can you see each other every day. you keep waiting for his return. i mean ain't that exclusively so clichĂ© and boring". 
                she listened to all he had to say patiently,smiled and said "yeah its cliche,yeah its boring. but when i am getting down the bus and see him waiting there anxiously staring at the door just to see me step down,the smile his face owns when our eyes meet after months of waiting. priceless!! you think he would be that excited if i would meet him every other day. and for the romance its not always about the physical relationship my dear. he knows and understands when i say i miss him or when he says he misses me. its not made up.we actually do. i know he means the good night kisses when he gives me one cause he doesn't get to place it on my lips every night. the romance my dear is when he will find every opportunity to catch my hand when he is walking with me.its not every day he gets to let me know he is always there for me. we wait for our moments together cause when we are miles apart they are all we have. we do have our mushy moments,though few, they stay longer in our memories."
                she looked at her friend thought she convinced him enough but it wasn't so easy to pacify him. his doubts continued, " okay say in other scenario what if he eventually met someone at his place and realize its not working for you two.he might two time you.he might cheat on you. how do you even trust what he says when there is a whole possibility he might be lying."
                 somehow she knew that would come up. faith is always an issue and she had her answer ready "trust, that's the best part of long distance relationships. you just cant question loyalties here. its all blind faith. well if he had to cheat,two time me do you think he would waste his energy,time just for a phone call from me,got upset in case i forgot to buzz him "i am awake,good morning"  we trust each other no matter what because we have no other choice. and that's good. i don't go scrolling his contact lists,inbox every other day or even when we meet.we don't have time for foolish stuff like that. we don't be pain in the ass for each other cause we don't nag each other 24*7. we enjoy our own space, our privacy.and about meeting someone else.. that's a part of destiny we can't control. believe me a guy would never go through the pain of long distance relationship for years unless he was really serious about you. what more you want than the surety that the relationship means something.".                                                                                                                                                   
                 he drew himself into silence.she on the other hand was smiling to herself cause somehow she had unknowingly explained herself how lucky she was.. she no longer cared what her friend was thinking, or if she convinced him .. it was just enough for her that she was happy in a long distance relationship!!

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