My Encouragement!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Rose!!

                   Why a rose? Just like the twisted petals of a rose,love has its own twists. It tells a story,your story. May be because it reminds you of 'love' at the very moment.  Something someone you had,someone you want to have. It reminds you how you were first introduced to 'love'.
                       A rose always has a memory with it. The first proposal.,first date,college rose day,the innocent love you once believed to be true because he gifted you one every time you met and nothing can symbolize love more than a rose.A red rose.Red for passion,the irresistible desire to be with each other always,the promises promised for a forever.
                   A rose stays forever just like love does. You will either get one for rest of your life or it will stay in those closed pages of your dairy like the closed chapters of your lost love locked up forever in your heart.
But the most painful part about it is,the moment you see a rose it reminds you not who truly loves you now but it reminds you of whom you truly loved once.

Friday, December 23, 2011

the blame game!!

Loving words will fall on page

when my heart feels your smile is true..

sad words will fill the lines

when it knows your smile is fake..

I can so well read your eyes..

i can so well know whats going on in your mind..

So if words don't come from me..

Tell me whose heart is to be blamed..

दिल के हर दर्द पार मरहम नही होता..

दिल के हर दर्द पार मरहम नही होता..
एक बार किया तो प्यार दोबारा नही होता..
आंखो में छुपी है तनहाई दूर तक..
काश दिल ने प्यार करना जाना नही होता..

इंतेझार में नझारे तो बिछायी थी हमने..
हर पल आपको पाने कि इल्तीजा तो कि थी हमने..
तो क्या अगर किसी और ने आपको पा लिया..
सांसे नाही रुकी जो आपकी याद में जलायी हमने..

सेहमिसी राहो पर काटो को चुना..
बहारो कि छाव में पतझड को गले लागाया..
छुपाया है हर एक से दर्द ये प्यार का..
काश तुम कभी समझ पाते हाल-ए-दिल का..

अरमान इतने क्यो ऐसे सजाये..
सपनो कि तरह वो भी छूट गये..
रोये ऐसे ये एक एक बिखरे जब..
चाह कर भी उन्हे फिर समेट ना पाये..

जगाये क्यो ये एहसास, जवाब दो..
थम  जाये ये तुफान कैसे, सलाह तो दो..
अकेले जीना मुश्कील नही है यहा
पर दो कदम साथ चलने के लिये कोई साथ तो दो..!!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Forced 'Hi'

silent is the world
when you look for words..........

joy is in the sorrow
when the scar is of love....

life is gifted first with tears
smile is there,but deep are fears...

a time comes when
there is nothing to do
someone walks with silent steps
creeping through those healing wounds

every step ahead makes
the world more sad
with every tear you try and hide
your existence so faded seems more black

eyes learn to speak
even when emotions die......
and you are forced to greet
when you really want to say 'goodbye'....

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a conversation: 3

she: am damn angry on you!!
he: now what did i do???
she: you never give me flowers,choclates,
       cards, no giant teddy, no candle light dinner.. nothing!!
       do you even love me??
he: hmmm.. okay, whats the first thing i do when i get up?/
she: call me!!
he: okay.. who almost calls up first when we have a fight??
she: you!!
he: okay.. who comes to pick you up or leave you when you go out of town??
she: you!!
he: hmm. have i ever slept without saying good night to you??
she: no!!
he: don't i cancel meeting my friends if you get time to meet,last minute??
she: you do!!
he: whose mom knows we are very good friends??
she: yours!!
he: have i ever hung up or not consoled when you are in a super cry mode??
she: no!!
he: do i put restrictions on you?? what to wear,whom to meet???
she: no!!
(a long pause)
she: i get it... you love me a lot more :)
he: and yet i have to explain every time!!!
she: no!! the thing is its just nice to hear the reasons every time!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

forever in love with you!!!

if life meant eternity
i would hold on to you forever.....
no matter how and where it got us
i would stand by you forever.....

if life meant unbound joy
i would smile for you forever..
the ups don't matter nor the downs
i would take your tears forever....

if life meant hope
i would believe in you forever.....
let your dreams be however silly
i would trust them with you forever......

when you said you loved me
you promised a forever....
and i was scared cause i thought
to last that long; it mite never....

but you kept your love...
you kept your promises...
and you gave me my own fairy tale...
if i can love the slightest like you ever..
i'd love to love you forever.....

if time had no beginning
and time had no end...
and if infinity be insanely true..
i promise to walk down the endless,
'forever' just to be with you....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

you taught me to love!!

in a thousand years today
i am short of words..
for they cant speak the
storm you bring in my world...

love  knows no boundaries
since you unleashed them all....
for you pushed me into a void
with no rise and fall..

i learned the sound of silence,
with you that's how it is....
i never knew love like now
it rhymes so pure within...

beyond my bounds
i was taught to love..
& beyond your bounds
you have loved me....

selfless with desire
romance and its fire
you freed me from
past and grief...

i owe you my smile
i owe you my strength...
i owe you all that's good in me..
divine the endless love you showered,
i owe the 'life' you got in me..