My Encouragement!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a conversation: 3

she: am damn angry on you!!
he: now what did i do???
she: you never give me flowers,choclates,
       cards, no giant teddy, no candle light dinner.. nothing!!
       do you even love me??
he: hmmm.. okay, whats the first thing i do when i get up?/
she: call me!!
he: okay.. who almost calls up first when we have a fight??
she: you!!
he: okay.. who comes to pick you up or leave you when you go out of town??
she: you!!
he: hmm. have i ever slept without saying good night to you??
she: no!!
he: don't i cancel meeting my friends if you get time to meet,last minute??
she: you do!!
he: whose mom knows we are very good friends??
she: yours!!
he: have i ever hung up or not consoled when you are in a super cry mode??
she: no!!
he: do i put restrictions on you?? what to wear,whom to meet???
she: no!!
(a long pause)
she: i get it... you love me a lot more :)
he: and yet i have to explain every time!!!
she: no!! the thing is its just nice to hear the reasons every time!!!