My Encouragement!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Rose!!

                   Why a rose? Just like the twisted petals of a rose,love has its own twists. It tells a story,your story. May be because it reminds you of 'love' at the very moment.  Something someone you had,someone you want to have. It reminds you how you were first introduced to 'love'.
                       A rose always has a memory with it. The first proposal.,first date,college rose day,the innocent love you once believed to be true because he gifted you one every time you met and nothing can symbolize love more than a rose.A red rose.Red for passion,the irresistible desire to be with each other always,the promises promised for a forever.
                   A rose stays forever just like love does. You will either get one for rest of your life or it will stay in those closed pages of your dairy like the closed chapters of your lost love locked up forever in your heart.
But the most painful part about it is,the moment you see a rose it reminds you not who truly loves you now but it reminds you of whom you truly loved once.