My Encouragement!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

you taught me to love!!

in a thousand years today
i am short of words..
for they cant speak the
storm you bring in my world...

love  knows no boundaries
since you unleashed them all....
for you pushed me into a void
with no rise and fall..

i learned the sound of silence,
with you that's how it is....
i never knew love like now
it rhymes so pure within...

beyond my bounds
i was taught to love..
& beyond your bounds
you have loved me....

selfless with desire
romance and its fire
you freed me from
past and grief...

i owe you my smile
i owe you my strength...
i owe you all that's good in me..
divine the endless love you showered,
i owe the 'life' you got in me..


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