My Encouragement!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

It can't always be a fairy tale!!

A true loves kiss.. and she woke up... they sang a song.. and lived happily ever after... yeahh well,see that happen in a real world... not all are born beautiful and elegant,with the the gift of singing and connecting to the birds.. not all wake up by a kiss of some random handsome,rich prince.... not all just know in a first glimpse that it will be their joyful forever after.....
            in the real world you have to fight your way for love... you have to adjust,compromise,learn and understand.. you have to earn a livelihood.. cause not all are hooked to rich men... love doesn't come all so easy riding on a horse... sweeps you away from your feet and takes you to a castle where you are readily accepted... in the real world you have to convince your in laws,go through all the crap they say,accept different things,and learn to be happy with all of it..
            we gamble here.. we get hurt.. its not just one witch to let you down,or a step mom or a step you get plenty of people wishing no good for you..!!!
            love isn't always so easy for all.. not all are blessed with a divine ending.... it's not as simple as a fairy tale shows it can be.... its complicated.. and it will always be... So if you want true love.. be sure to get hurt.. be sure to be let down.. be sure to be sitting in a corner and shedding tears... till you find one 'imperfect' person who can be tolerable enough to love.. when you find one hang in there... trust,understand,compromise,adjust,share,open up,fight,make peace.. give some space,let go... make mistakes..learn from them....
                In Love if you 'want' a happily ever after.. you gotta 'work' for a happy ever after!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

best friend's wedding!!

She stood there smiling in her glittering maroon wedding dress. Her eyes sparkled. Those big dangling ear rings,the bangles,the mascara. She never looked so beautiful. Her hair tied,curled upwards,golden shining sandals,the nervous happy look. He had never seen her like this. He stood there in wonder gaze. His eyes couldn't help but capture every little move of her. She was breathtaking.
                 The groom had not arrived yet. He moved towards her and said with a smug look on face " You might be the only lady on this planet who gets ready before time". She smiled and replied "Yeah.You know i hate screw ups.Last night i had a dream i was late and people were waiting for me furiously. Pandit calling my name a hundred times. Now i didn't want that to come true". He laughed "You and your weird dreams!!! Gonna miss listening to them every morning". She looked at him with a dazzled look "Dude,what did you just say.Chill!! it's not that i won't be in touch. You are my best friend".
                  He nodded with a smile. Deep inside he knew nothing was gonna be the same. Marriage never keeps friendship's the same. She won't buzz him ten times a day nor give him her life's details. She won't talk hours of crap on phone as she always did which at times he never listened to anyways but she was his comfort zone and somehow he was not comfortable seeing her go. He knew he would loose her in time but it wasn't sinking in that the moment was now. He felt a huge lump in his throat; that his thoughts choked him and opened his eyes to the situation he ignored all along.
                  She was his only best friend,immature yes but she made him laugh. She poked him "Sweets, you didn't tell how i look?". 'For a change beautiful" he said. She gave him an annoying look "Its my wedding day, try and be nice".
                   The groom arrived and she left the room tugging her hair behind,making sure she looked perfect. He stood there in the audience,watching her do all the rituals. All he thought was he was gonna miss her to world's end; his best friend. He gazed at her in astonishment. Never had he seen her this way.  Never had he realized he depended on her in so many ways. Never had he thought he would be jealous of the man standing next to her. He wanted to leave yet he stood there watching her, not knowing exactly what he was loosing!!!             

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

one last meet,should i invite him??

she was happy in her new life.. away from their fights,worries,constant nagging... everything was working fine.. well planned.. smooth.... yet she thought of him... 'its the past' she convinced herself.. yet her mind often wandered the good he  had once got in her life..
                they didn't speak often... after years of blaming,tears and depression they were even with each other.. somehow they had managed to come to point where they could say hi without feeling sad...
               she made herself go through the rough times she had been through because of him.... she reminded herself how miserable he had made her life back then.. the time she spent getting over the sour words he said.. still after all these years her mind was filled with questions... why couldn't she throw him off her mind?... why her heart gave a slight kick whenever he said hi?....


                   'one last meet,should i invite him' she thought.... but she always knew it was a terrible idea... the more tempted she got to do so.. the more she convinced herself not to... the conflict was getting harder within her.... how bad can it be.. its just to catch up on things.. what if i again fall for him.. what if he asks for one more chance.. what do i do then.. do i wanna go back.. what if he hasn't changed.. what if she was only the one thinking all this and he is busy with someone else.. will he know deep down i still think about him.. that his dreams still haunt me.. that i wanna see him one last time...
                 she wanted to know everything... she wanted to know if he had changed.. she wanted to know what if they could get back together and work their past mistakes...that she could live those few good moments again... to feel what they once felt for each other one last time... she knew somewhere even he thought the same...  but it was too late... too late to confront.. too late to express.. too late to walk into the hands of  the past.. which either way didn't end well... there was no time now... to repeat those same mistakes... it was just too risky...
                 she gathered herself up... she shushed her heart...erased the 'can we meet' she had typed on her message window.. convinced herself 'it was a terrible idea'.. until next time when a heart would flip again a moment for him!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Don't you ever give up on me!!

I yell, shout; blame all bad on you
You stay calm and say 'Darling,those words..Aren't really you'

I mess up things, and spoil the present
You stay calm and say 'Baby chill, its just a bad day, things happens'

I cry,get upset for reason no good
You stay calm and say 'Honey tears spoil your face, get your smile back on soon'

At times i give up on us and walk away
But you be there still holding on,no matter what i say.

So even when things go wrong as horribly as they could
I do know in my heart,we can still make it through.

You have tolerated me with my moods and temper
You have taken me in your arms when i pushed you farther

You have been there listening patiently to every word i say
You have been there when i had expected you to leave and never stay

Don't you ever give up on me,don't you ever loose faith
No matter how dumb i could be to leave,hang in there and wait..

Honey you are the best thing that could happen to me
Cause you taught me to love, no matter what the consequences..

Honey, i don't know how to thank you cause words aren't just enough
I can't explain how much stability to my crazy life you have brought..

Just know that i will always,always love you with all my heart
Just believe in me,like you always have from the start!!