My Encouragement!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

It can't always be a fairy tale!!

A true loves kiss.. and she woke up... they sang a song.. and lived happily ever after... yeahh well,see that happen in a real world... not all are born beautiful and elegant,with the the gift of singing and connecting to the birds.. not all wake up by a kiss of some random handsome,rich prince.... not all just know in a first glimpse that it will be their joyful forever after.....
            in the real world you have to fight your way for love... you have to adjust,compromise,learn and understand.. you have to earn a livelihood.. cause not all are hooked to rich men... love doesn't come all so easy riding on a horse... sweeps you away from your feet and takes you to a castle where you are readily accepted... in the real world you have to convince your in laws,go through all the crap they say,accept different things,and learn to be happy with all of it..
            we gamble here.. we get hurt.. its not just one witch to let you down,or a step mom or a step you get plenty of people wishing no good for you..!!!
            love isn't always so easy for all.. not all are blessed with a divine ending.... it's not as simple as a fairy tale shows it can be.... its complicated.. and it will always be... So if you want true love.. be sure to get hurt.. be sure to be let down.. be sure to be sitting in a corner and shedding tears... till you find one 'imperfect' person who can be tolerable enough to love.. when you find one hang in there... trust,understand,compromise,adjust,share,open up,fight,make peace.. give some space,let go... make mistakes..learn from them....
                In Love if you 'want' a happily ever after.. you gotta 'work' for a happy ever after!!!!


  1. Love means giving who really undstnd u......its difficult to find someone like all this.....

  2. difficult yes... but not impossible.... keep d relation healthy n happy.. all works out in the end!!