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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

deciding what you exactly want!!!!

decisions are hardest to make.. right wrong is the later part.. deciding what you exactly want is the hardest. she had to choose between her mediocre love or a well settled man who had a lifestyle she loved,she craved for.
            her guy barely matched her standards,she was way better at everything than him.but he was the guy who would love her forever,who would stand by her no matter what.. the reason she fell for him was his simplicity.he was loyal,kind and compassionate. but she had dreams. she knew the other was a golden key to everything she ever wished for.she could travel the world with him,be at places she always dreamt of,meet people,be a part of something different,something creative. be attached yet independent with no family issues to look after.
           she thought of her love.. yes,she loved him for what he was but if she chose him she would compromise and give up her deepest desires.. and if she went with the latter she would be called a gold digger.she wasn't even sure if she could live with the betrayal.but he had the power to free her of her bonds,the dumb old traditions she always hated,the interference and uninvited advices she despised.but she was aiming in thin air there.
          what if she had everything but no love. would she be fine with it. with her love she knew things will be tough but things will work out in the end,but with the latter she knew nothing.all could turn out excellent or all could be a disaster. was she willing to take the risk? to start all over again?
          she decided to leave it on fate. may be with time she will know what she wants. till then she chose to live in the dilemma. she needed to give love the time it needed to settle,to let her know that her sacrifices are worth it!! for once she needed to give love a chance to prove itself !!! 


  1. When there's love, there's everything. that's my view. But then that love includes love for the mate, parents, family and everyone who care for us.
    I remember reading a post by some one, [I think it was by Vikram Karve] which can be read as a sequel to this. There he dealt with meeting of people in their middle age who faced a similar situation before marriage.

  2. @leo.. will definitely check out the solution!! i really need it also.. do you remember the name of the post??

  3. @Leo Is this the story?
    or maybe it is one called THE GIFT

  4. @ Leo @Sneha - Maybe it is this story about making the right choice