My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentines day!!

She saw him standing there,looking at her. Her footsteps paced and she raced towards him wiping those tears. He took her in his arms. "Hey,hey. What happened?' he asked. She couldn't speak. She sobbed like a three year old, her eyes swollen, cheeks red. She tried hard to let the words out but she was so grieved that every time she tried saying something she choked. He stood there silent with the girl in his arms, neither asking nor comforting.
            Hours later they laughed. "Remember that jerk made you pay for the date and once he said he had to 'study' so he couldn't come for a weekend trip with you, as if those books were gonna do him any good. He wasn't even that bright" he said. "I know. What a jerk" she laughed about it. "Where do you even find such nuts?" he asked. "I don't know. I just choose the good 'bad boys'. My bad" she continued "I wish it would have lasted a few more days  until valentines day."  He looked at her with mouth wide open. For him it was one of the most ridiculous thing to hear. "What,are you crazy?"he almost yelled. She knew it was a stupid thing to say but she really meant it. she continued explaining  "I never celebrated valentines dear. When i look at other people,it makes me sad. I never had someone to love me like that. For once in my life i wish i had that head over heels cheesy valentine" and within no time tears rolled down her eyes. "oh oh! please don't cry. Now it took me a lot of efforts to get you to smile", he said.
           They were best friends. They had been together for years. They understood each other more than anyone could. Others thought they would make a perfect couple but for them they knew this was it 'friends forever'.
           The day came she feared of all. It was valentines day and love was in the air. She already had it planned, sit at home and do nothing. She got a text from her friend " Be ready. Will pick you up in an hour". She wore a tee, jeans, brushed her hair and waited for him . He came up dressed all good and tidy. He saw her and yelled "What the hell are you wearing, go put on your best dress. For god's sake i am taking you on a date." "What!" she yelled "Have you gone crazy? "she asked. "Now do what i say" he pushed her back in her house "It's Valentines day. Time to make it 'Our Day'.