My Encouragement!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

what will it take!!

i am trying hard to get you back
but you seem so distant and aloof
and i wonder in the dark
is it me or its just life's another spoof.

i'm smiling cause that's what you want,
i call and say "how are you, i'm fine".
the truth is its hurting bad,
but for you i'm keeping my pain aside..

what will it take to get you back
what will it take to know what's on your mind
what will it take for you to see my ache
what will take to let you know i love you deep inside

just come back for me to live..
nothing interests me no more...
the distances just don't seem to end
i sit alone in the dark with tears of no soul...

but i'm tired of fighting alone for love every time
and i'm tired to be the one to care
i'm tired of all the excuses you give to escape
i'm tired of consoling things will get better,just wait!

i love you cause you a get a smile on my face
i love you because you lighten up my world
i love you for all the stupid conversations we had
i love you for the thousands of kisses you gave.

no one can understand me the way you do
no one can make me live the way you do
i need you for us,i know i complete you
i need you for a life,can't live without you.


  1. awesome...but the pain is never undstd by others

  2. others chod.. the saddest part is the person for whom you take the pains doesn't understand it

  3. truly awesome blog u've written Sneha.....I wish I could have a partner who is a Passionate Lover like U. :-)

  4. Hai!Sneha well written..true love never dies i believe..u r a true lover & pray u b a winner..all the best & thanks for following me,i shall follow u back soon,pen more loving poems..God love u

  5. heyy thanks a lot for d comment... god bless you too..

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  7. ...profound...moving...heart felt. Nice poem Sneha!