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Saturday, February 11, 2012

when in a break up!!

So that's it,its over!!! she said. "Okay,if you say so",he replied with a straight face. she stared at him for a reaction,for a confrontation,may be even a war..but he stood there embracing silence. after a brief period he said "if you think things won't work between us,you can leave. this is how it is going to be always." All she wanted was for him to find time from his busy schedule,once without her begging him to. She was angry,frustrated and defeated,pushed in the same scenario she was years back. "goodbye then",he said. she smiled a bye and she came home;confused,hurt.
                Time wasn't the only criteria to call it off . he seemed aloof lately,not responding,not caring,not calling which wasn't the case always.before he missed her,asked to meet,called to sort out a fight.but now circumstances were different. he didn't look happy and she sensed it.
                she knew love like no other. the bondage,the burden of commitment,the slavery. she knew this phase would come where things won't be interesting enough,where all possibilities have been explored,all secrets spilled out and they would be left with nothing but each other. only a handful of men could sustain this,others would find every way to escape out.
                she was prepared. yet something was different with this guy.she expected him not to be like the rest. she expected him to call back and say "let's think this all over". she expected him to miss her, to come out of blue and surprise her. but he didn't ,reality didn't hurt as much the expectations did!! he was a good guy. for the first time she felt she was in a real relationship where things could mend themselves even when it went horribly wrong. she didn't deny that it wasn't her fault. but she wanted to know how much this relation meant to him,could he go out of way to save it,whether she mattered to him to the extent she thought she did. she waited hours and days for a call,a tiny note of 'hi,how are you'. but she had been a fool,as she had been always. he backed out when he should have stayed.he accepted to part when all she wanted was for him to hold on,give a reason for the behavior and get back the differences to normal.
              there she was alone all over again. loneliness was never a problem. she had had enough setbacks in life to stand strong. the only thing she was afraid of was that he would say "please,come back. i am sorry" when she would've moved on,never to look back.


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