My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

when at the movies!!

i was with you in the dark
watching people move on the screen
all i could think was how would life be
without you holding my hand when i lean.

a hundred times i looked at you
when you were staring at the screen
happy to see the smile on your face
happy to see you quote the songs and sing..

in the dark was the magic moment
when you put your arms around
and i could listen to those silent beats
as if there was no other sound...

i cried silently in the dark
cause i knew once its over you would go
i wiped those tears silently in the dark
so my fear you wouldn't know....

how i never wanted those few hours to end
how i never wanted to get in the light
how i wished i could make the time stop
so you would always be by my side!!