My Encouragement!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the last hug!!

'Love is not easy dear',she quoted.'You cant escape it,ever'. he listened letting her speak whats on her mind.she always could so clearly,he thought. he regretted to be born as the dumb mute who couldn't just say his heart loud.
               "may be we will meet in the heaven" she said. "may be" he replied. she lay there in his arms not knowing what to do.she didn't dare look up at him.she didn't have the strength. he hugged her tight as if it was the last time it was meant to be and then rolled her under him and stared with eyes so full of love. he didn't need to say a word cause she knew the turmoil inside him but he knew he had let her know what she meant to him to before it was too late.
              He said "i don't claim my life to be the best but you always made it better. I know love doesn't come easy but dear i am glad be it in a difficult way,we found each other. don't think am rude but i cant be thankful for your love,cause it was always meant to be mine and somehow now i don't mind your little obsessions, i don't mind your tantrums,i don't mind you letting me know always how much you love me. i am so sorry if i never said it enough. i wish i had. its just that no matter what happens just know you were always the one."
            she smiled and hid back in his strong arms crying silently. he didn't stop her this time. he didn't say a word. letting her go was the most painful thing,more painful than not being alive. he looked up and said "hate you God! if only you'd give me more time."

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big Break!!

Everyone has their stories. Everyone is struggling to make a place for themselves in the world. May be its just me i think who loves to take a break every now and then to push myself to the point were i feel life is great when i am doing nothing.
         I see many on their toes hurrying,pacing towards their dream. Not that i shouldn't be. Its a great thing they do but i wonder why can't i be that passionate,be that committed to work. I love my work but i can't just do it all the time.  Guess distractions matter.  Have too many good things around me to keep me from concentrating on what's important. I have no clue if its good or bad for the future but it keeps me happy. Away from sadness and depression, it gives me a new perspective every time, makes me look at life in a good way. There are so many things we miss out on, so many moments that are worthy to stand by and watch.
        Its hard to be the only one to care so less about things. Neither have i achieved much to brag about luxury. There's a possibility with my pace i might just do nothing in life but for now am liking it this way.

Monday, March 5, 2012

When You Stop Expecting!!

"I have work you know. I cannot come to meet you everyday. God damn stop being so demanding" he yelled at her. "but i just asked you after so many days" her voice shrieked. "well then i still can't make it!" he banged the phone and the line was cut.
             She sat there at the corner of her room not knowing what to do. She was so drained out of emotions that she didn't even feel like crying this time. It was not the first time he had canceled on her.for now it had become a routine. She sat there for hours in thoughts so deep she skipped her dinner. She was awake all night processing every detail of her relationship with him and she at last came to a conclusion.
           She called him the next day and every day after that asking him how he was doing,where had he been and what was going on his front. The only thing she never asked him was when to meet. Its not that she didn't get the urge to do it but she tried hard not to. Days passed into months and the thought of not meeting him seemed easier day by day. She finally had started becoming free of the luggage she carried on her heart. Until one day he asked "you have changed so much. don't you ever feel like meeting me". She kept the phone without saying a word and drowned herself into tears cause she had forgotten how to answer that.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

take me by surprise!!

once... once someday i would like to
walk in a room full of roses...
or a card tugged besides my pillow...
may be a box full of chocolates..
or a drive along a strange road...
just baby once take me by surprise..
just to show me am prized...
once let me know that you are happy
to find me in your life!!!

once... once someday i would like you
to knock at my door just to say 'hi'..
get a bunch of lily's to make my day bright..
take me to watch a sunset or just the beach..
say i am not ever far from your reach..
just baby once take me by surprise..
just to show me am prized...
once let me know that you are happy
to find me in your life!!!

i know these cheesy stuff you so call
cant define the love we share
neither do i say that if you don't do this
i would care any less..
but for once make our love feel kinda special
and for once let me say 'is this for real'?
just once let me know what it is
to be in a fairy tale...

just baby once take me by surprise..
just to show me am prized...

once let me know that you are happy
to find me in your life!!!