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Sunday, March 25, 2012

the last hug!!

'Love is not easy dear',she quoted.'You cant escape it,ever'. he listened letting her speak whats on her mind.she always could so clearly,he thought. he regretted to be born as the dumb mute who couldn't just say his heart loud.
               "may be we will meet in the heaven" she said. "may be" he replied. she lay there in his arms not knowing what to do.she didn't dare look up at him.she didn't have the strength. he hugged her tight as if it was the last time it was meant to be and then rolled her under him and stared with eyes so full of love. he didn't need to say a word cause she knew the turmoil inside him but he knew he had let her know what she meant to him to before it was too late.
              He said "i don't claim my life to be the best but you always made it better. I know love doesn't come easy but dear i am glad be it in a difficult way,we found each other. don't think am rude but i cant be thankful for your love,cause it was always meant to be mine and somehow now i don't mind your little obsessions, i don't mind your tantrums,i don't mind you letting me know always how much you love me. i am so sorry if i never said it enough. i wish i had. its just that no matter what happens just know you were always the one."
            she smiled and hid back in his strong arms crying silently. he didn't stop her this time. he didn't say a word. letting her go was the most painful thing,more painful than not being alive. he looked up and said "hate you God! if only you'd give me more time."

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