My Encouragement!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

When You Stop Expecting!!

"I have work you know. I cannot come to meet you everyday. God damn stop being so demanding" he yelled at her. "but i just asked you after so many days" her voice shrieked. "well then i still can't make it!" he banged the phone and the line was cut.
             She sat there at the corner of her room not knowing what to do. She was so drained out of emotions that she didn't even feel like crying this time. It was not the first time he had canceled on her.for now it had become a routine. She sat there for hours in thoughts so deep she skipped her dinner. She was awake all night processing every detail of her relationship with him and she at last came to a conclusion.
           She called him the next day and every day after that asking him how he was doing,where had he been and what was going on his front. The only thing she never asked him was when to meet. Its not that she didn't get the urge to do it but she tried hard not to. Days passed into months and the thought of not meeting him seemed easier day by day. She finally had started becoming free of the luggage she carried on her heart. Until one day he asked "you have changed so much. don't you ever feel like meeting me". She kept the phone without saying a word and drowned herself into tears cause she had forgotten how to answer that.