My Encouragement!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Best of Me!!

We are challenged enough by life. I mean i come in those few who doesn't know how life can be simple. There have been enough ups and downs,twists and turns to let me know life can't be smooth for me and some where i have accepted this fact. Accepted disappointments,sat in a corner cried for hours,lost friends,lost love,lost trust,lost faith and yet i know i have the strength to not give into them.
           Sometimes i wonder where i did i learn this from,when did i actually start thinking like a grown up,how did i learn this relationship crap,how did i know how to react,when to stay calm,when to blow out. Well! deep inside i have all the answers. The reasons i am the way i am.
           But sometimes it sucks understanding everything and everyone.. It sucks that i don't react acutely, it sucks that i balance everything and consider everyone's emotions. It makes me mad not to be a part of on and off huge tantrums.
           The part what sucks the most is even being so considerate you still find jerks screwing with you. No matter how good you be to anyone somewhere its all gonna bounce back and nothings gonna count.
           Yet again this is how life works. At least i have an open mind to accept the facts around me,wait a moment,give it a sane thought and move on. The moving on part is the best i can do. Its easy,less of drama,less of crap people get in your life.
           Still i believe there is some good in everyone. No matter what,no matter how mean they be to you,how illogical their behavior can be, somewhere every one has their own reasons to behave the way they do.
           Yet again the good always gets the best of me, even to make me miserable but still hoping some day in the long run this good will do good and make the journey worth it!


  1. Sometimes I pretend to be normal, but it gets boring.
    So I go back to being me!! :)

  2. smbdy had told me..give d world d best u hv nd d best wil cm bak 2 jst keep bein d way u r doc...good will com bak 2 u fo sure...;)

  3. well dear unknown :P :P keepin fingers crossed!!

  4. life is like that...
    each of us with a pinch of goodness and evil in us become a part and play a role in everyone's life... nha?

  5. totally agree... everything has its own reasons.. and our choices make us who we are!!

  6. What goes around, comes around. You shall be awarded sooner or later for all the good in you :)

    PS: I like how you write so casually. It's beautiful.

  7. Thank you for sharing these with us Sneha.

  8. @M :) :) thank you
    @animesh... u welcum!!