My Encouragement!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


The importance of friends is realized when you are in a break up. We often tend to take them for granted. We cancel on them to meet the one we love. We make plans of movies,long trips without them. We learn to ignore their sms,missed calls completely immersed in that one person who claims to stay forever. I mean we are so confident we won't need them ever that we don't even bother to wait a step,look back to see if they are still with us.
           If we are bound in unfulfilling love,we realize we are almost always alone and somehow love can't keep us happy. By Gods grace if we free ourselves from the disastrous love or on the contrary if we get dumped,hurt,ditched we find ourselves pushed back in deep shit. As usual being humans we need a shoulder to cry on. Someone to whom you can whine about how good you were and how much you went through trying to make the relationship work. Ofcourse, who else can we rather dare to go than our so long ignored friends.                
           The surprising thing is yet they accept us with arms wide open,ready to listen you crib day and night about the soulless heartless creature you once truely loved who never even glanced back to check on how you were doing, were you even dead or alive. Yet they make you laugh,make plans so you won't feel left out. They even plan your birthday's perfect,buzz you every hour and let you know everything will be alright.
          Such friends with big hearts can't be thanked enough. All you can do is thank God cause he gave you those few people whom you could rely on no matter what!


  1. lovely....!!!friends r truly d 1's who stand wid u thru thick nd thin...short nd sweet...

  2. Friends - A family outside our real family! :)

  3. yeahh.... u need them to survive!! :)

  4. Never forget stayng in touch with ur friends spclly Girl frnds..on whom UCAN RELY..they shall be ur soul mates:)

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  6. @afsan.. yes lyf wud b miserable widout them!!
    @annia.. yes sure!!

  7. Hi Sneha

    Friends are necessary and the bond is definitely special...Nice post


  8. while a student, I had a huge circle of friends. It's nearly 3 yrs since I graduated and now, I'm in touch with just a handful. Among them are the few wonderful friends who make my life really special.