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Saturday, April 28, 2012

From Love to Arrange!!

She sat there all dressed up looking very much like a bride. Inattentive to the hustle and bustle around her she was the only one not happy about the situation. "For god's sake get a smile on your face" her mother scowled and left the room. She sat there staring at the mirror. She knew she was looking absolutely fantastic in her crimson red saree,the gold jewelry around her neck,the bangles in her hand. He would have gone crazy to see me dressed like this she thought. She was sitting there with implacable pain in her heart. The tears filling up her big brown eyes and she wiping them off before it trickled down her red powdered cheeks.


 She had always imagined this day to come where she'd be excited and nervous, where she thought the two families would meet and she would explain why those two were perfect for each other. She had played this scene a hundred times in her mind. The indian love marriage family drama she would face. She had thought of all the possible questions that could be raised so as to why this is not a good idea but she had also prepared their answers to perfection.
             In the end she had imagined everything falling in place and she marrying the guy she promised to love forever.
             She called him and said "the guy and his family are coming to see me" and he didn't seem to react. He said "Well,if you find him good marry him" and those words ripped off her heart. Torn  between the love who failed to commit and her parents ambitious of getting her married she succumbed to the pressure. The irony was she had been crushed and her acceptance of arrange marriage had made her family exceptionally happy. No one noticed the grim on her face,no one noticed the tears wiped off every now and then,no one noticed her smile to be fake. Yet this didn't hurt much than the fact that the guy whom she counted on for years was so easy on letting her go and that to forever.
             Her mum came in and said "lets go,the guy and his family has arrived". She stood up with her fake smile which now seemed so real to everyone. Her pain tearing her off inside,she walked the steps from what she had always thought to be a love-arrange journey to now being only arrange!!


  1. A situation that happens very often especially in Indian homes where the near and dear ones are more concerned about "what will people say"

  2. A sweet honesty!!! Thank you. Beautiful!!! :)

  3. Well scribbled Dr. Sneha.

    Sounds a little open ended though. The reason for him to betray her is a mystery?

  4. everyone thank a lot.. nice when ppl appreciate ur work :) :)
    @mak.... well yeah didn't mention that... in indian set up girls get married early.. n guys arnt ready to commit so early!!

  5. i like this post very much thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. @simran.. thanks a lot simran!! :)

  7. Nice post Sneha. Unfortunately this is a common problem in Indian families. Parents pressured by society, and the children innocently affected by it... And for this particular story, I don't think the guy who couldn't stand up for his love deserved a thoughtful, sweet girl like her. :)

  8. @kiara... :) :) :) hate when people don't commit to the words they once promised!! :)

  9. Nice post!

    Two observations: 1. You seem to like weddings.
    2. You do not like Capital Letters.

    Are they right?

    1. hahahahah... well its the wedding season alright!! but m not fond of them at all!!
      yeah me not good with the grammar rules!! i need to brush up my basics now. :P

  10. very beautifully expressed Sneha... :)

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