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Thursday, April 12, 2012

the Long Pause!!

She said to him "I started dating other people." "Oh! good for you" he replied and there was a long pause. Pauses like this are significant. They are awkward and they hurt.
                    Awkward cause once upon a time the two couldn't stop talking. They had stories to tell and so many that the twelve hours of night didn't suffice and the day never seemed to end soon for them to get back on phone together. They laughed,gossiped shared every damn detail they possibly could. The food they ate,the people they met,the fights they had,the friends they share,even the number of times loo they visited.
                   It did hurt because none of them tried to work on it. They just decided to quit on each other. She tried a few times but he seemed reluctant. So she gave up not because she didn't love him but she never wanted to push things on him. He on the other hand never understood this,it was a habit of his to take things for granted and somewhere he thought may be she deserved some one better, more deserving than him. Ironically they cared a lot for each other and so they didn't know what it was to fight for a each other because every time they had issues they thought they were just hurting the other.
                  In this way ended a relationship which could have been perfect had one been a nagging sticky partner. The goodness spoiled it all.
                  The attachment had disappeared. The pauses seemed to get longer and longer.
                  She screamed inside "the only reason am going out is to get away from your thoughts. Just for once say you love me." and he thought "Well she seems fine,moved on may be. Probably doesn't need me now, time to accept its over." The pause ended. He said "bye" she didn't say anything and the call duration showed '2 min.20 sec'.


  1. This is so realistic !!

    very well described, I could visualize them and their emotions, n above all the situation !!

    and the silence that follows, after those 2 mins, 20 seconds.. its painful, its terrible !

    nice post !

  2. seems you have torn a page from my life and pasted it here.
    loved it!
    m gonna make it read to someone!!

  3. @mansi.. :) am glad.. do let me know the reaction :)