My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Protecting me!!!!!!!

At times we expect our partners to walk with us throughout. But then we realize that they have marched way ahead of us and we are still at the same place not knowing what to do? Then starts yet another unusual phase where we stop enjoying love and start protecting ourselves from getting hurt!

I don't confront you
neither do i ask questions
i don't say 'you could have called'
& i don't say i miss you often.

Its not that i stopped caring
but its because i don't want to.
cause am afraid in future
things won't reach till 'I Do'.

You behave as the ruthless wind
who has the power to sweep me off my feet,
Somehow i might get dropped hard
hurt my heart & not just my knee.

You want the freedom
and i give you all.
So there are no bondages
to hold us close if we drift apart.

Your mind changes a thousand times
You have been in and equally out.
You have claimed to care
and yet ignore me throughout.

Tired of your everyday excuses
you made me realize,am a fool to expect
not once but so many times,
Not knowing your version tells the truth
or just more lies.

All am doing now is trying not to care
so to me i be fair.
Cause i don't wanna get hurt,i don't wanna cry
i don't wanna be in the dark
convincing all will be well,just try.

It seems you walking too fast
& i cannot catch up with you.
It seems as if u will disappear
to never look back & ask 'where are you?'
And now am doing everything to
protect my heart.
so that even if you leave
i won't fall apart......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. A very touching poem and the straight from the heart narration gave me goosebumps. It's scary to love totally...isn' it?

  2. thank u :).. yupp.. an uphill task with unexpected surprises everytime!!

  3. love the easy flow of words, the simplicity is enticing

  4. in simplicity lies the beauty of this poem...without ostentation yet ornamental.....