My Encouragement!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


The reason why you remember people long gone 


your life is not because you still love them,hate them 

or have feelings for them.

But cause you didn't express what you deeply felt

 when you had the right time.

Instead you decided to leave and let go 

and down the road you wonder why is the emotion

still there

the answer is simple

Its still in your heart cause you never expressed it.


  1. m not too sure on that.... :)
    so if we have loved someone more, they would be the first ones to fade from our memories??

  2. sometimes yes... u so wanna get rid of the pain.. u tend to suppress all your feelings and memories of them!!

  3. Would you forget if you had expressed your emotions and still the person had gone away?

  4. but atleast you know what the person thinks.. helps you to get over and move on!!