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Monday, May 21, 2012

Her One Demand!!

She had spoken to the guy a few times. They shared their likes,their dislikes,their expectations,their views about how'd they want their future to be. Agreeing on most of the aspects they finally decided to meet. She a beautiful elegant smart girl. Her wavy short hair and ecstatic smile made her personality shine. Well educated,independent with a job,focused and straight in affairs she was the modern age Cleopatra. He on the other hand was funny,handsome, outgoing fellow returned India to get married. And she was his first choice.
            The venue was fixed,the menu decided,everything was ready. She dressed up in a saree, waited for him and his family with a lot of excitement and expectations. Her mom was on cloud nine. For her he was just perfect. Her daughter would go to America. She would boast about it to a thousand relatives. His salary was good. His family wealthy and rich. It just couldn't get better. She warned her daughter "you better be polite and answer properly to whatever they ask.don't act oversmart". "They are not even here,and you already on their side" her daughter scowled.
            The guys family got a warm welcome. The tradition of introduction done. All was going well. All questions answered. The snacks and drinks served. Few jokes cracked,few doubts cleared. It was all merry. In the end the guy said i like the girl. All the eyes turned to her waiting for an approval. She said "yes,there is just one thing though. I would like him to do a few blood test.HIV and few others" in a matter of seconds there was a pin drop silence. No one spoke. Almost everyone sat with their mouths wide open not knowing how to react. After a minute or so the guys mother stood up in anger. "What is this non sense!" she shouted "You called here to insult us.what kind of demand is this.We got to leave". She commanded and everyone stood up. Her mother looked at her in rage. Everyone had got up except the guy. He sat there looking at her face. Her expressions. She sat there confident not disturbed by the mess she created. There was no hint of  guilt. He knew she was not wrong. "I will do the tests"he said.
            She smiled. His mom still angry couldn't believe her ears. Well neither could the others. "You are educated mother. You would have supported your daughter on this" he said "She has the right to know if she has doubts. I am after all some random person to her returned from USA. If she is opting for few safe steps i don't see anything wrong in that."
           The whole speech that she had prepared of the reasons she was asking for the right thing was down the drains. Her heart bottled up with joy. He supported her. He supported the right thing. All she was aware of was that she had found her soul mate. 


  1. I love the beginning , the end and whats in btw...:)
    I mean people should start accepting and openly discussing such stuff rather than shying away or taking in wrong notions. HIV doesn't spread thru sexual contact only !! there's blood transfusion , using same syringes and what not! Very well written !! AWES0ME :D :D

    1. its a story i wrote for awareness.. and i think girls should be bold enough to demand this... being a doctor i have seen so many cases where the ladies come to know when its too late.. its good to take precaution

    2. exactly!! awesome effort !! in awe :)

  2. Hi Sneha.. Nice blog. Pls add subscribe by email option..

  3. Loved this story :)

    She definitely had the right to ask such questions for her own safety.. And nicely written. Keep it up!

  4. Very Nice Story....Just that in real I am not sure how many guys would be so sweet as this guy :D

    1. thats why i wrote the story this way.. i think guys too should have an open mind and be receptive to logical demands

  5. if somebody can ask dowry without shame this is an ideal way out for doubts. Guys should accept.

  6. Sneha, that was a very brilliant post and it felt good to see a girl stand up and ask for something which is just right!

    1. A sincere thanks for following my blog, Sneha:) I write more often on the other blog which you may visit if you like!You have an impressive writing style:)

  7. Ah I like the simplicity of your writing.

    Everyone has a right to question. So did she.


  8. That is a really brilliant post Sneha! Nice read.

    P.S: Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  9. very nice... if only all us women could find such a man!

    1. the quest is always on! :D


  10. wonderful post
    liked it

  11. Very rare. Very mature. Very brave. Very well scribbled Dr Sneha.

  12. Nice story...the writing lucid and warm...and a delightful message. It was good to read :-)

  13. Ah! Sure seems a blessing for the girl :)..if only all were this bold enough to stand and demand.You have put a very sensitive issue in nice manner.





    she sat there quietly for moment before

    looking him in the eyes and ask�..

    do you really wants to know?

    Reluctantly. .he said YES.

    She began to expound�.. ..

    As a woman of this day and age..

    i am in position to ask a man, what can

    he do for me, that i can�t do for myself

    i pay my own bills i take care of everything

    of my household without the help of any man

    i am in position to ask what can you

    bring on the table

    The man looked at her clearly he was

    thinking that she was referring to money..

    She quickly corrected his thoughts,

    i am not referring to money i need

    something more��

    i need a man who is striving for perfection

    for every aspect of life.

    He sat back on his chair, folded his arms

    and ask her to explain.

    She said i am looking for some one who is

    striving for perfection mentally..
    because i need a conversation and

    mental stimulation�s

    I don�t need a simple minded man

    i am looking for some one who is striving for perfection

    spiritually because i don�t need to be unequally yanked�.

    believers mixed with unbelievers is a recipe for disaster.

    I don�t need a man who is striving for

    perfection financially. ..

    i am looking for some one who is sensitive enough

    to understand..what i go through as a woman but�
    strong enough to keep me grounded.

    I am looking for some one i can respect in

    order to be submissive,

    i must respect him i can not be submissive

    to a man who isn�t taking care of hos business

    i have no problem being submissive..

    He just has to be WORTHY God made woman

    to be helpmate for man i can�t help a man

    if he can�t help himself

    When she finis her spill�she looked at him�

    He just sat there with puzzled look on his face

    and said�.you are asking too much

    she replied
    i am worth a lot.


  15. Truely outstanding and the concept really good.... Loved her last line....

  16. Thanks Dr Sneha.
    Yes every WOMAN is worth a lot .Only things is that one should have Capability to Judge,and truly speaking some of us (man) lacks this.