My Encouragement!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

random thoughts!

The only fear i have is you walking upto me and saying "this is it. 'Us' cannot happen."

The love,faith,time invested for me is too much to just leave it undone.

And if this nightmare ever becomes the reality

The damage would leave a wound no love can ever heal.

I count on you to keep your promises.

I count on you to not let me down.

I count on you to fight for us.

Am ready to be with you no matter what

just let me know you feel the same!!


  1. thats tricky…
    isn’t there some high expectations, though maybe justified?

  2. @deeps... dude..!! am just asking to work things out till the end.. what's high expectations in that!! if these are high expectations you'd better stay single!! :P

    @satish.. thank u!!

  3. these are not high expectations rather needed by everyone...point is, if you start discussing, these sound too big and difficult...

  4. @hari... u r rite... the easiest things at times are hardest to follow!! :)

  5. Nicely written.
    I think having expectations is good, and when we find them fulfilled it would be one joyous moment/memory.

  6. I hope he replies back with, yes he feels the same. :) best of luck!

  7. @ajay... yup agree... but the waiting period is the toughest!!

    @sp.ajay.. :) aaawww well hope so :)

    @rahul _/\_