My Encouragement!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

stand up and fight!

Believe me! I could walk out on you right now without giving a dam to what hell hole you are in. But am trying my best to stick around so you aren't left out alone and depressed. Am trying to make conversations so you would feel fine,so you would stop pitying yourself for once, so you would pick yourself up, stop treating yourself as looser and fight this downfall with all the might you can.
            If i call you ten times its not cause am obsessed with you its because i really worry about you and i have made promises to you in the long run which i intent to keep. I have tolerated your tantrums and bad moods despite me not having a party of life. Stop behaving as the one with all the problems of the world on your shoulder, stop behaving as the one who has had the most depressed life ever. There are people who beg for two meals for a day. You aren't in a battle that can't be solved. You aren't in a scenario where you cant go back and change it all. You can still make it through with a head held high. You still have a chance to mend your mistakes and come out as a winner.
          For god's sake stop crying and making a fuss out of everything. Have some faith in yourself. Stand up for yourself and stop pissing me off. I am there through your bad times. No matter what. But don't make me feel as if am wasting my time for someone who doesn't deserve it. Don't make me feel as if am just some random person to you who cannot live without you. Believe me i can but i just don't choose to. So help yourself gear up in the battle to achieve your dreams and appreciate the people helping you to do it!!!


  1. That should be enough to jerk someone out of the diffident stupor! What language!

  2. hehehe!! i am taking this as a compliment!! :)

  3. if i call you ten times its not cause am obsessed with you its because i really worry about you.... reminds me of a dialogue from the movie "Wednesday"

  4. @haddock.. ohh i don't remember!! :)

  5. Great Post! ..Very easy to relate to, makes me think about a particular friend of mine.

    I persistently attempt to help her, but she just doesn't want to help her self. Seems useless, but I've figured that she needs to find self-inspiration to bring herself back up. So now I've quit pampering her with my tenderness, and I'm letting her find some motivation to be happy again.

    And surprisingly, it seems to be working...

    So the solution is not necessarily to "make conversations" or to "call ten times". Sometimes, the best help is to give them the space that they need to find an inner motivation. Because only when they genuinely want to make change, they will...

    Good Job!
    (Hope that wasn't too long) =D

  6. @kiara.. well what you said is what i realised today.. truee... its better we give ppl their space and time.. too much care may just spoil it.. n its time they learn by themselves ways to cope up eid downfalls!!

    p.s- u can write as long comments al you like!!

  7. This was kinda nostalgia stuff for me... thiking about, which is late now... and its true "its time they learn by themselves ways to cope up eid downfalls!!" I did that..


  8. @satish.. we all go through crises at some point of life.. the great thing is we survive through it!!

  9. I think I understood this post !!