My Encouragement!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Waiting for a call

I glance at the phone a hundred times
hoping you will call me.
& every time the phone rings
my heart sinks cause i don't
find your name on screen.
I wish i'd hide my phone
to never find it.
But then i think what if you call.
so near me 'the stupid thing' i keep.
I keep it close to my pillow
so if at night you'd call
i'd answer to just hear your 'hi'.
Every morning i wake up
to see no missed call,silently in the shower i go & cry.
What happened to those noisy nights
What happened to "can't sleep without
hearing your good night"
What happened to "hey dear,wake up"
What happened to "hey sweets are you alright".
I am still here,
and you have left to never return.
If you'd have to leave then
why the hell did you teach me to love.
I still stare blank at the screen,
Still hoping may be someday you will change.
Deep inside i know i need to delete
the inbox & contact with your name...!!


  1. Nice... u made me to read between the lines..

  2. Superbly written...some lines in the poem really denote the passion that we have when we lose our love...habits that need to be's tough to adjust...your poem truly depicts the pain of those moments...great work Sneha :-)

    1. thanks a lot... that i feel is the toughest period.. the denial phase..

  3. Sneha ..just this much to say very nice writing fantastic so touching..God love u

  4. Very passionate and touching!!!

  5. This was so beautiful! Inspired me to write poetry too! :) Over again!!


  6. it actually said all the things my heart wanted to say to someone from so long, very beautifully written

  7. i Loveed it!!u write awes0me doc ! way to go :)