My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Wish

I have one wish..
I wish i could take away all your pain ..
Just to see you the way you used to be
stupid,funny and yourself.
Its hard to see you suffer,
Its harder when you decide
to not make me a part of it,
Its hardest when i know i could be
everything you'd ever need
and yet you choose to be all alone.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Her Unexpected Mails!!

He logged into his old email account almost after an year shocked to see a few mails by her name. She was his ex. It had almost roughly been seven eight months they had separated and he was alright from the time they parted. It never seemed a big deal to him. It was his decision. He wanted the space,his life to him. He inadvertently told her what he felt. She accepted and they parted.
              She documented all her sentiments in those few mails,all that she felt,how she was not able to cope up with the current situation. She wrote him all the stuff she did in a day saying she just didn't have anyone else to tell. She knew he never used this old email of his. One of the lines she quoted was "Don't take my mails as an emotional drama am doing to make you realize or repent anything. Its just that this way i can feel a little close to you. Hoping you to never read these mails."
             His heart was racing. He opened her last mail. It said " Hey honey, writing you this last mail. I waited dear hoping you'd come and surprise me to say we need to get back. Everyday i stared out my window to see if you'd be standing there. Everyday i stepped out of my class hoping may be you'd come there instead. I know am just being an emotional fool but i never knew you'd care so less. I never thought you won't care to the extent of not even asking how am i doing. I can't explain you the pain and i can't explain you how the days and nights i have spent staring at the phone. All i wanted to know was i didn't waste my time on some one not worth loving. But you just proved it. I did. Trying to hate you all possible ways but somewhere i do love you. Goodbye!
                    He hurried to get his phone. He dialed her number to hear a voice saying she was not reachable. 


Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Stranger yes! but was He ?

He was a complete stranger. Everyday I walked into the library and our eyes met, he smiled and I had to smile back. It was our routine for a month. We had our places fixed. My seat very close to the wall and his was a row behind me.
        We never spoke but once when he had a doubt regarding his subject. We were in the same profession just different branches. Both preparing for our respective exams. I won't say he was a charming young fellow. He was an ordinary student, ordinary looks, ordinary clothes but i can't explain why seeing him sitting there everyday made me happy as if i was around someone i knew.
       I never got to the point of asking his name. It wasn't necessary. Just a day before he came with a box of sweets saying he cleared his exams. I wished him congrats,shook hands and he left. He seemed a nice guy cause i knew he had no reason to come and tell me he passed. I was neither his friend nor i knew him the slightest. May be it was just to say goodbye, goodbye to the familiarity we felt in unknown surroundings, to say he won't be there to smile at me every morning. It was nice of him to let me know i won't find him there henceforth.
       Now when i enter the library it doesn't feel the same. Often i look at his empty seat. I miss him. I miss the familiar stranger.  

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not Worth My Words!

I want to write a million thoughts
but they are as vague as your commitment you see..
And i can't pen down what i exactly want
just the way your love is meant to be...
I try and try will all my heart
to write how small you make me feel...
All i can come up is with few hate words
and even they sum up 'praise' to be..

I want to curse you,i want to be enraged
I want to say lines i will forever regret..
Yet Again my words aren't enough
to an empty depthless pretentious soul i bet...

So i'd rather prefer to write my thoughts
with ink unseen
Like the impassivity of your absence
Like your presence unforeseen...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Till he realizes!

It had been days she hadn't heard from him. His silence was something she was not used to. She loved when he spoke. She loved when he teased her. She loved the way he consoled her when she got upset on his stupid jokes, which even he knew was to just get his attention. She loved the way he made her laugh. She could hear hours of his rubbish talk and argue on topics, in the end always convinced by his point of view. She adored him. She just loved him.
            He was the man for her. Someone she could spend the rest of her life with. Actually, she had planned the rest of her life only with him. She knew no one could ever take his place in her heart for she had not known anyone more right, more perfect to love her than him. She could sit hours doing nothing but thinking about the time they spent. Ah! that magical time. The time when her stars stood still. The time when time itself didn't matter. The most romantic era. Yes! An era. That's how significant, mesmerizing and dreamy it was. Every little moment fixed in her mind.
            She knew some day he'd realize what she felt for him. She knew someday he will come to embrace her with his charms. Deep within she knew this long distance can never change the bond they shared and he can never forget those magical times. She knew he is thinking about her all the time. Its just a matter of time, a small bump on the high road of their lifetime journey.  
             She now just has to wait,wait till he realizes she is his ultimate destiny. No matter how much he ran away from it one day he has to come back. She has to wait for the day when he has everything but love in his life. The moment when his position in society won't matter,the money won't matter,family and friends won't matter. Confronting him now won't help cause too much occupied by life at the moment he won't realize the truth. She had to wait, wait for the right time, for the right moment for him to realize that ultimately all paths of his life lead to 'Her'!  


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Sometimes i wish with just a blink of an eye i could erase all your memories.
Sometimes i wish the pain would dissolve forever with a glass of wine.
Sometimes i wish i could turn back time to walk away from you.
Sometimes i wish i could have learned to never bother with your thoughts.
Sometimes i wish i could make you matter no more to me.
Sometimes i wish i'd stop being miserable knowing you not near me.
Sometimes i wish i should have turned my back ages ago.
Sometimes i wish you knew the slightest of my pain.
Sometimes i wish i'd never had the heart to say 'Love you till the End'....