My Encouragement!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Not Worth My Words!

I want to write a million thoughts
but they are as vague as your commitment you see..
And i can't pen down what i exactly want
just the way your love is meant to be...
I try and try will all my heart
to write how small you make me feel...
All i can come up is with few hate words
and even they sum up 'praise' to be..

I want to curse you,i want to be enraged
I want to say lines i will forever regret..
Yet Again my words aren't enough
to an empty depthless pretentious soul i bet...

So i'd rather prefer to write my thoughts
with ink unseen
Like the impassivity of your absence
Like your presence unforeseen...


  1. just loved this one....superb much of intensity, that anger and hate buried inside....but alas what comes out is just teh feeling of love....really a superb poem...hats off to you :-)

    1. thank u :) :) well one post you agree to :)

  2. nice and beutiful word thanks

  3. My first time here :) I liked reading this :) Could relate to what you wrote :) :)

    1. thanks dear :) hope you can relate to other posts also!!

  4. Nicely written Sneha :) will keep visiting

  5. First time i steeped in here....nice post

  6. "..with ink unseen"

    you wrote all your million thoughts in these few lines...