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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Wish

I have one wish..
I wish i could take away all your pain ..
Just to see you the way you used to be
stupid,funny and yourself.
Its hard to see you suffer,
Its harder when you decide
to not make me a part of it,
Its hardest when i know i could be
everything you'd ever need
and yet you choose to be all alone.


  1. exactly what m g0in thru with a bestfrnd of mine ! as usual very well written :D

  2. hmm.. It scares me to think that the friends I have now will never be the same. We're always changing. If I'm happy or cheerful now, a mere event -like a break-up- could change that. And I'd think twice before being that happy again, fearful of the same fate occurring. And it is true. We let ourselves suffer. We won't share it with anyone, sometimes with the thought that they'd never understand, other times not wanting them to be a part of the suffering. Hmm.. Lovely post :)

    1. don't think so much.. go with the flow.. the things that meant to work out will work out no matter what!! the only way to ease is pain is to share it!! keeping it to yourself never does good... :) :)

  3. Lovely :)

    I'm going through something exactly like this.

  4. I pity someone who chose to be alone rather than have a lovely companion as yourself:) Very well expressed!

  5. Amazing poetry chain written by u .. I liked it
    Thanks for sharing ..:)

  6. I so feel like this many times.... Its just so simple and plain yet voraciously expressing my inward feelings... I like your blog :) :) And here a med student too ;)


  7. And I just shared in on my fan page :)

  8. very expressive....Few words said it all...:-)

  9. Touching as always... i love reading your works !!!

  10. excellent sneha....
    so nicely expressed!!!


  11. that was really nice :)
    I was reading it from the perspective of a doc writing it, so it made it all the more better :D

    P.S. thank you for following my blog. Meant a lot to me. Sorry I've acknowledged that late. :)

  12. I am listening... :-) could hear you..

  13. Sneha:D, a lovely touching short & sweet is sometimes so strange that when we love some1 with all our heart so deeply & sincerely they r blind to see it but true love never knows the expiry date..Keep writing we will read..GOD<3U

  14. I feel so very like this so many times..reading this I felt that you've written me, in plain and simple words but with too much heart!

    Doesn't really make sense yet I hope it does. <3

    Take Care

  15. Beautiful and heart felt poem!