My Encouragement!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is it worth the pain?

The light has faded
and I yield into the lightless dark
With the unsettled pensive thoughts
With the lunatic nightmares
my life i try to sort...

I question myself a thousand times
is all this worth the wait
is facing his cold talk everyday
worth the pain
but for the old times sake i convince
wait another day
hope is something driving me insane

I dig my face into the wet soft pillow
to scream and loud i cry
and i ask myself a zillion times
is this love you are living 
or just his Lie....?


  1. "but for the old times sake i convince
    wait another day" i loved this lines

    to wait another day is again a question!

    most often ask themself

    and believe me when i was asking me the same I saw your post! Good piece of heart!

  2. "is this love you are living
    or just his Lie" - your poems are so full of feelings ... love them !!!