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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Last night

They sat facing each other, eyes glued, hand in hand. It was four whole months the longest they had lived apart. After all the struggle,after all the drama they were finally facing each other. These were the four longest months of their life where things took a drastic turn, unexpected, absurd to the extent where nothing could go back to being normal again.
         He hugged her tight for long. She stayed quiet, motionless in his clasp. "We need to decide on a few things" she said. He knew where this was going. "Yes, i know" he replied back. "So now what?" she asked "You think our families will ever agree?". He couldn't even look into her eyes. The answer was too painful. She sensed it. She said " That's it then,ha?". "Yes" is all he could reply.
        She crawled back into his arms. The place where everything seemed alright, the place where no grief could ever come close. "Can you manage to stay over tonight?" he asked. "Yes" she said. She entered the kitchen to make him dinner. He stood there watching her do the chores. Months before she always cooked for him and he would never let her work. Today he stood in the corner quietly observing her. He knew he was her world. He knew she had dreamt about them being together for lifetime. He understood her pain.
       It was time for bed. She crawled back into his arms hearing close his heart go off beat. They didn't make out this time, there was no room for lust. He kissed her on her forehead and hugged her tight again. "Would you come for my marriage?" she asked him. "To see you standing there with someone else. No" he said. She slept in his arms and he watched her sleep. He didn't want to miss a moment with her cause he knew it was just these few hours where she was completely his, those few hours where he could travel back the time they spent, those few hours of the sense of her breath on his chest. He was far from thinking what life will be without her, for now he just wanted to hold on to her presence cause  it would be morning soon and he would have to see her walk out that door to never return back.


  1. Painful and again i can connect to it ! So very beautifully written ! Ahhh...i LOVEE this blog :D !!

  2. Brilliant narration! I could almost visualize it.

  3. Sneha that brought tears..... touching...strikes a chord.. I so can relate. Beautiful write up :)


  4. Dang!

    I am searching for a right word to express...

    " Good, Nice, Wonderful, excellent, brilliant" all those could not say what i feel....

    Oh I got it - I "feel" it

    you are God Damn good...

  5. Es hat mir sehr gefallen, dieses lesen zu dürfen...

    Lieben Gruß

  6. Deadly Painful yet so beautiful :)

  7. Brilliant Narration..

    Did I feel connected?

    "You think our families will ever agree?", this line tells the story of Indian.. I wish, it would change some day..

    Again, superb piece of work :) :)

    1. yupp the whole love story ka climax is getting permission from the families :P
      thanks a lot for the good words :)

  8. That's so real .. Awesome but painful...
    I just hope I never have to face such feelings .. Fingers crossed :(

    1. i hope nobody goes through so much drama :)

  9. Very painful but realistic story...Beautiful narration...