My Encouragement!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Promises to keep!

A Promise you make
to be always there
if the world turns upside down
and to me no one is fair...
Can i expect you to come
when i call you,
or to see you walk away
like the rest?

When i will fall badly
and all my wounds are open
I will ask for help
and there comes no one..
When people say am no good
even when you know they Lie,
will you stand besides
me and stay,
or you will agree to
what they say?

If i loose my faith in destiny
and stray away from my path,
Will you be the guiding light?
Will you walk with me?
Till the darkness falls
till the anguish fades
and scared no more i be..

I never doubt what
you are dear
But this world
i don't trust enough..
For what i have searched
and found in you
I can't let you walk off..

Words never seem enough
to define the love i feel for you..
yet i know you understand
my voiceless words and
the trust i put in you..

Lets make a promise
to always be there
not just for one but
for each other..
'if one tries to break,
the other one tries to hold together'.

Never let these distances matter,
for me they hardly count..
You are just in my heart oh dear
and in you 'Me'
I have already found!     


  1. A very well penned poem..

  2. something only Sneha could do... I feel it.

  3. Wonderful last words as always :-)

  4. oh this was simply awesome.. well written. Loved it.

  5. I love your blog. I love to hear your words about love and loss.
    I would love to hear more.

    pls. follow me.

    your happeeee new follower!

    1. thank you lois!! :) :) will surely follow your blog