My Encouragement!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Too Selfish To Be Loved!

There are times i feel you
just can't see anything beyond your pain
you can't see me suffer
you can't see me holding our bits
despite your vain.

There are times when i feel you can't
think beyond yourself
and i be a fool trying to save
what's left of ourselves...

There are times you prove you
are too selfish to be loved..
too self served, too much of a snob.
I don't understand why i try to put up with you
hoping to be appreciated
and that too just for a day and not all..

Was i blind before or rather realizing
a bit too late
for you to love and take in my pain
is like expecting a retard to grow new brain! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Priorities Today!

The glow had disappeared from her face, the smile was lost and her windy eyes were silent today. The pumped up, loud, careless traits ceased to exist. The lifelike radiance of her existence seemed to be withdrawn into something troublesome and weary.
           She sighed and continued "His cell phone on a sudden stopped working last month. You should have seen him then. He was angry, restless and he was not able to concentrate on anything until it was repaired and working well. He said he just couldn't do without it. Sarah its been a week! A week! we broke up and he hasn't checked upon me yet. I land up comparing myself with his cellphone and what gives me a shitty useless feeling is that His dead phone made him jump on his feet till it got repaired but not a dead relationship".