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Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't say 'It's Love'

She yelled at him "You had no rights putting me in this position. I was clear on my demands before i agreed to be in a relationship with you. Now don't tell me 'Us' cannot happen". She was furious,panting, a moment away from slapping him hard but she knew her boundaries. "I tried my best to convince them.They wont agree. Try and understand" He said. "Try and understand!! You understand mister" her voice still high "i have been with you for five whole years and you can't dismiss 'Us' cause your parents don't agree. Its your life dam it. Take your own decisions."
                   He moved back and forth figuring out a way to handle this. He couldn't keep both of them happy. Someone would be left broken hearted and either ways his heart was gonna be shredded to pieces.She was dismantled for no fault of her own. She had asked him,she had made it clear beforehand to him to date her only if he intends to marry her. He said he had the most amazing family and they will happily accept his choice. They dated,dating turned into love and love into a relationship. Now five years later suddenly this guy walks in saying his folks have a problem.
                  "Speak up" she screeched "decide something." Taking a deep breath he said "I am sorry.I love you still i gotta let you go. But please dear believe me when i say I love you.I really do" She stared at him,thinking deep. She wanted to cry not because she was loosing love but she loved someone so foolish and dependent and that in so many years she never saw this coming. "You don't love me" she said in a soft voice. "Yes i do" he replied instantly. "Then why is it so easy for you to let me go? Why aren't you fighting for me? Instead you are defending your parents. Why aren't you going out of your way to keep me in your life? Parents,jobs, careers are just excuses dear. If someone really wants to be with you, they will do whatever it takes to make you stay and you aren't doing anything."
                        " I tried" he said in a low tone. "You did i agree but not hard enough to claim that you ever loved me" saying this she stormed out.  

The Versatile Blogger Award


a. Thank the Person for nominating you for the award and provide a link back.
b. State 7 random facts about yourself.
c. Answer the questions asked by the tagger.
d. Generate 10 random questions for the bloggers you nominated.
e. Pass on the award and inform them.

First of all thank you very much Kiara for tagging me and passing on this amazing blog award. I'm super glad to have gotten this award from you because you've always been a fantastic blogger.

7 Random Facts About Myself
1) I love beaches and sunsets
2) i hate liars
3) i believe in hard work
4) smoking and drinking is a big turn off
5) i am in a profession i absolutely love
6) a dream to have a sea view house
7) loves simplicity 

Questions Asked By The Tagger
1. What is your favourite song?
ans. Iktara
2. What is your favourite time of the day?
ans. evening
3. What is your favourite book?
ans.can't be shortlisted
4. What is your favourite food?
ans. pani puri
5. What's your favourite drink?
ans. coffee
6. What do you like about yourself the most?
ans. never give up attitude
7. Is there anything you dislike about yourself?
ans. forgive people quiclky
8. If saving the world meant sacrificing your life, would you?
9. Is there any quotes you live by? If so, name them.
do what you wanna do,dream what you wanna dream,you get only one chance and one life to do it all.
10. Say something about me.
ans. you are a superb blogger and my favourite follower

10 Questions For The Bloggers I've Tagged4] What's your ambiance while writing?
5] Do you plan to publish a novel?
6] Do you like to make a gift for your loved one or do you rather buy?
7] Which is the most beautiful color according to you?
8] What’s your mantra in life?
9] Have you ever thought of becoming a soldier in your life?
10] Do you have stage fear?
11] ‘Mickey mouse/ Aladin/Duck Tales’ or ‘ Shin Chan/ Doraemon/ Kitrets

10 Bloggers I Tagged

IQ @ all her blogs (afterall this is being awarded for versatility)
Laylaa @ Beedi Basanti
Blahblaholic @ Tales of her and by her
Rimly @ Journey
Sonshu @ The Sonshu
Ether @ All his blogs
Blue @ Blue Diary
Confused Soul @ A Walk Across The Bridge 

Congratulations to all those that I've tagged, I read you very often, and I know you deserve it!

And once again, thank you very much Kiara!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Distances Matter!

He stood there in front of her,smiling,hoping she would forgive him. She just stood there,eyes fixed on him, not knowing how to react. "Hi" he said from a distance and she stood mum. "Am here" he said coming close,unmoved she stayed wordless. He hugged her,smelled her hair whispered to her "Didn't forget me,did ya?". With those few words,being in his arms,her plans to not give away,be rude,angry just didn't seem to reach her face. At last she lost all her control and she cried. She cried till she choked,squeaked and her eyes swelled. She looked at him,made an attempt to speak,unable to she again hugged him and sobbed.
             It was after almost 6 months with minimum contact whatsoever that she actually saw his face .If the last time she knew it would be so long and so hard she would have never let him go. She still couldn't get hold on her tears. People passing by  watched them , but he didn't care. He knew he'd be kicked in nuts if he'd open his mouth but moreover he understood her pain,her tears. Wiping her tears he said "Enough now,am here.Lets go home". 

Monday, September 3, 2012

He said he'd buy me a..!!

He said "i'l buy the gown you
loved when we passed the street"
i said "i changed my mind, the color
is dull and it won't match my eyes"

He said "i'l buy you a merc
a convertible glowing yellow.
I said "i ain't much of a merc fan
red porche it is or let go"

He said "i'l get you a gold ring
to fit your soft fingers just fine".
I said "honey i ain't a gold digger,
nothing but a riviere of diamonds i prefer".

He stood in the corner with a face
so small..
said my wife is hardest to convince
beautiful but smart not at all...

I brought him to bed,went close and
whispered holding his collar tight,
"if you wanna try something new honey
just say,there's no need to bribe".

Saturday, September 1, 2012

LOVE - does he?

He stood on the other side of road,
Comatose i watched him like a hawk
drowned in my deep thoughts
thinking "does he really love me?"

and you shook me with vigor
brought me to the surroundings
and said "stop staring at that fellow,
i am still alive"

i saw jealousy written all
over your face
and again into my deep thoughts i sank
thinking "yes he really does love me."