My Encouragement!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

He said he'd buy me a..!!

He said "i'l buy the gown you
loved when we passed the street"
i said "i changed my mind, the color
is dull and it won't match my eyes"

He said "i'l buy you a merc
a convertible glowing yellow.
I said "i ain't much of a merc fan
red porche it is or let go"

He said "i'l get you a gold ring
to fit your soft fingers just fine".
I said "honey i ain't a gold digger,
nothing but a riviere of diamonds i prefer".

He stood in the corner with a face
so small..
said my wife is hardest to convince
beautiful but smart not at all...

I brought him to bed,went close and
whispered holding his collar tight,
"if you wanna try something new honey
just say,there's no need to bribe".


  1. such a piece... heart dipped in the blend of love and honey

  2. thats bitter sweet indeed! :)Brought out well

  3. You guessed the intentions well, Sneha:)

  4. Wow!!....This is lovely poem....Perfect description of selfless love....

  5. Loved it........"No need to bribe" amazing :-)