My Encouragement!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Regret

"I regret" he said. "I regret that i was so careless.I regret that i never saw the pain i gave her. I regret that i didn't see the efforts she was taking to make our relationship work."
               "Till today i can't forgive myself cause i didn't call her back when she left. I thought i didn't need her to survive in life. I was right i never needed her to survive this life, but it had no meaning when she wasn't around to appreciate it." The last i remember her saying was "for once be there for me." All i had to do was to show her i loved her in all possible ways and get back her faith but i bluntly replied "If you have so many complaints about me,why do you even bother to stay."   "I regret" he said "I regret with all my heart i said those words. Those words made her not to bother to stay."  

Sunday, October 7, 2012

'No' Was Her Reply!

They spoke occasionally to know how they were doing in their so called lives. With the distances increased in a year they canvassed their whereabouts just through phone calls.
                   To her surprise he said "Lets meet up. Next week i will come to your city. What say?".
She stayed quite for a second and replied "No. The distances are easier to deal with. It's good to know you are doing well where you are. Don't come here and make it more hard for me. Life has become easy since you moved away".
                 He couldn't believe what he heard and she couldn't believe she actually said it.