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Monday, December 3, 2012

From Love To Arrange: Part 2

She called up her few good friends to ask them what she should do and all held the same opinion "Better don't tell". She thought deep right from the day she got ready for this arrange marriage drama. Obviously it was better never to tell him. But somehow the decision couldn't settle,she pondered long enough. It must be their second or third meeting. She barely knew him, how open were his thoughts, how would he react if she told him the truth. In the end she convinced to shush her 'honest' self and to accept the easier way out of this.
                      They were sitting at this famous coffee place by a huge window where they could see everyone passing bye. With a few coffee sips and the nervous greetings they started their conversation. It went on from favorite movies to books to each others likes and dislikes. They shared their funny college incidents,the curriculum, the big small events that were a part of their life. After a moment of silence he asked "Ever been in a relationship?" and she froze.
            Arrange marriages are hard. You have to choose between people on the basis of few conversations having absolutely no idea exactly how much info to share, and what the other person might despise.
             "You didn't answer me" he nudged her. She thought of what her friends said "Better don't tell" but then she replied "Yes, four years". "What about it then?" he asked. "I don't know. It just didn't happen. Things were awfully different" she blurted out. Scared that she spoke too much she looked away. He smiled at her. "Relax" he spoke in a deep calm voice. "I just wanted to see if you could be honest enough. We all have our packages, don't we?. I am just glad you were brave enough. It ain't a big deal."
               She smiled back confused whether to feel proud that she could be honest to him or that he could be understanding enough to accept what is a big deal to hundred others.  


  1. It was nice..

    Understanding, sharing and being truthful makes the base of every relation.. :)

    Welcome back after the break :)

  2. well it seems we both are back from a long break...although mine was a little more long... :P :P :P
    welcome back... :)
    nice read... :)

  3. Nice one... Honesty and understanding are the two key factors for a good life... :)

  4. brilliant in deed.
    missing you for quiet sometime...

  5. One of my best friends broke up from a 5 year old relationship. And now, she is getting married. I gave the same advice to her..
    Your writing has made me think whether I was right or wrong?
    Btw well written. Keep writing.

    1. thanks anamika.. well i always believe there should be transparency in relationships.. but again situations matter.. thank you :)

  6. Replies

      this is the first part :)

  7. Honesty is always better in a relationship but not all guys have the guts to accept their partners having been in love before. It's still important to let the person know before hand than regretting forever.

    Good post as usual :)

    1. exactly namrata!! dats what i think.. its better the person accepts you with your present and your past!!