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Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Love With My Best Friend

"You are my best friend and i love you too" she said with teary eyes.
He sat there quietly.
She looked at him and asked "When did it get so complicated? We both were sad right in our own world, dealing with it, helping each other to deal with it. Then from where did these feelings rush in?" she wept.
He took her hand in his and said "We always felt it right. Not that we never spoke about it or we never told each other that we did like each other even before we were best friends".
"Yeah, but its different now. We already have different stories to manage." she said.
"So who said i am expecting anything from you. It just happened. Now will you let go." he said looking into her eyes.
She hugged him.
"Yeah, will it change our friendship?" she asked being in his arms.
"Yes, surely we are not friends anymore. But again lets not define it. Let it be our sweet little secret. Can you make this work? he said still hugging her.
"Yes, i will try. Our own small love story." she said.
"Will you let IT go now?" he asked for the second time.
"Hmm. Will you let ME go? she asked him in a tone so silent.
He looked deep in her eyes, paused a moment and said "Friend, i never will!!"


  1. Hi Sneha,

    You've depicted the emotions very nicely. A meaningful conversation between two very special friends. :)



  2. Nyc conversastion i ever heard btween best frnd who fell in love,...!!!! Lyk every best frnd stoiry nyc 1... Gd keep it up.. Keep writing...!!!

  3. nicely narrated! relation do undergoes a change after it happens! But this is the best scenario, whom you love is your best friend too!

    1. right meenakshi.. its always convenient and easy with your best friend

  4. Beautifuly written...can feel the emotions in each & every word...has 2go down as 1 of ur best...atleast 4me..its sumthng diff & special when u fal in luv vth ur best frnd

    1. well dear unknown.. it becomes that complicated too

  5. I can feel it..falling in love with your special's complicated ! :)

    Take Care

  6. many people can relate this..nice one