My Encouragement!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Bring Me To Peace!

I glanced at the sea
its a bliss, its a way to my inner peace

i could sit and stare at it
for moments long
see the sun drown
and the moon rise till the stars
be in numbers i can't count...

I wonder what makes you this mighty
the fierce waves
the depth of your soul
the burden you can keep inside
or the mortals who dwell on your essence...

I wet my feet 
and embrace you from long
cause i fear the closer i get to you
the more i will fall in love;
never to return and breathe..


  1. Such a wonderful experience... I feel that here... Wah.!

  2. very well expressed, what makes sea might the burden it can keep inside..I liked this thought. Keep writing..

  3. beautiful one :) :)

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