My Encouragement!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

You Can't Be My Life!

Its our bond that strong
which keeps me close to you..
for not only we are friends
but much more..
And it kills me to not reciprocate
what you feel,even when i do
to leave my love so sore..

But there's a line i need to draw
at my hearts expense...
For years later i won't regret
keeping you away
but i will woe the betrayal
to my friend..

And since you have her
and i have him
What we felt is too late
And i know the affection can't be undone
and neither can our attachment..
But we can spare us the guilt of betrayal
for lifetime my dear friend..!!


  1. Lovely Sneha! deep and touching!

  2. Touchy lines dear... loved the essence in them :)


  3. Replies
    1. And since you have her
      and i have him
      What we felt is too late

    2. I knew what you said..
      I asked you why this ?? Why so many sad posts..
      Sometimes it really is too late, isn't it...

    3. writing sad things is actually my forte!! its a emotion you can express the best!! that's y :)
      yup too late

    4. Bingo..mine too :)

      You're an MBBS doc??

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  6. Honestly I would do the same thing

    When I find my soul mate, I had rather not be with him that way. I had rather keep him as my friend and let him be in my life forever :)

    Because I have him, and he has her