My Encouragement!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

As i count on the moments

As i count on the moments
waiting to get us close
i stop and wonder how should i react?
should i run to you and hold you tight in my arms?
should i just stand there and cry out my heart?
should i pretend to be angry and not talk?
or should i just stand numb and wait for your response?

As i count on the moments
waiting to get us close
i stop and wonder what should i say?
should i say i have missed you to extent you can't imagine?
should i say i love you like no one ever will?
should i ask why you kept me waiting so long?
should i ask will you go away again to break me all along?

As i count on the moments
waiting to get us close
i stop and wonder
is there a way i can stop you from not going back?
is there a way i can keep you all for myself?
is there a way i can be all yours with no fear?
is there a way i can be in your arms not worrying
you'd say i gotta leave in some time dear?

As i count on the moments
waiting to get us close
i stop and wonder is all this pain worth the love?
may be you will tell me..
may be we can talk it through..
may be i will know when you'll say 'baby,i missed you too'.
may be i will know because all i need now is to see you!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Get Me To Smile!

I stood on the edge ready to breakdown..

instead you pulled me back..

and we laughed together 'at life'....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hardest Goodbye

He could not believe he was actually gonna do this. He got up from his couch. It was his last chance to see her he thought. He had been a jerk enough till now. Somehow for the last time he wanted to make her believe he did care.
                    He bought her flowers. There was no time to choose a gift. He arrived to the place she told she'd be. He entered and saw her standing. She looked beautiful. He stood far away looking at her smile not knowing how to approach her. He stood in the line waiting for his turn and finally he was in front of her. Her smile disappeared. "Good luck" he wished and he handed over the flowers. "Thank you" she replied and shook hands "He is my friend from college" she introduced him to her spouse.
                    The girl who ran to hug him as soon as she saw him, today greeted with a handshake. 'A friend' she called him when once he was all she lived for. She looked at him as he got down from the stage thinking how would it be to have him standing here besides her instead of this stranger. But the destiny was set. He looked back at her smiling and waved a bye. She just gave a nod. His heart aching and hers ruined beyond repair.

Friday, January 4, 2013

A Moment It took!

She gulped down a glass of wine
and he smiled with a lot of affection,
mesmerized by the peace she carried
mesmerized by her passion..

and he couldn't help but get close
to the face with an appealing smile,
yet he feared she might push him away
to the extreme if the same was not on her mind.

He held her hand and asked her a dance
and he swayed her flower bending breeze.
He held her tight by her waist and looked eyes deep.
Neither realized what happened next
for the lips did all their talking,
Serene and calm,deep and warm
a moment it took to make her His!!