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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Hardest Goodbye

He could not believe he was actually gonna do this. He got up from his couch. It was his last chance to see her he thought. He had been a jerk enough till now. Somehow for the last time he wanted to make her believe he did care.
                    He bought her flowers. There was no time to choose a gift. He arrived to the place she told she'd be. He entered and saw her standing. She looked beautiful. He stood far away looking at her smile not knowing how to approach her. He stood in the line waiting for his turn and finally he was in front of her. Her smile disappeared. "Good luck" he wished and he handed over the flowers. "Thank you" she replied and shook hands "He is my friend from college" she introduced him to her spouse.
                    The girl who ran to hug him as soon as she saw him, today greeted with a handshake. 'A friend' she called him when once he was all she lived for. She looked at him as he got down from the stage thinking how would it be to have him standing here besides her instead of this stranger. But the destiny was set. He looked back at her smiling and waved a bye. She just gave a nod. His heart aching and hers ruined beyond repair.


  1. That's really the heart breaking goodbye!
    Loved the way you expressed!
    Beautifully written Sneha!

  2. :'( It would be very hard for a person who face this...well expressed!!