My Encouragement!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Conversation 4

He said ' Its the distances isn't it?' 
I said 'No honey, Its the desire to be around you always'

He said ' I have let you down a million times'.
I said ' the zillion other moments of your love covered it up'.

He said 'You can always find someone else'.
I said ' Being with someone else has made me realize i cannot be with anyone else'.

He said ' I love you more than you love me'.
I said 'I agree.You test so much of my patience.I deserve to be loved more.'

He said ' What makes you not quit on me'
I said ' because there were moments you held on when i planned to leave'.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not once I said Be Mine

Not once i looked back on him
Not once i tried to know how he'd be doing
Not once i wished him a last good bye
Not once i gave him a thoughtful smile...

Not once did i try to hear him out
Not once did i let out my anger and shout
Not once i said 'stay i need you now'
Not once i confessed i loved him somehow.

Not once did i reply his mail
Not once did i explain my hurting tale
Not once i held on to those tears
Not once i confronted him with my fears.

I let him go
I helped him disappear
I watched him be someone else's shine
and i stood by holding on to my aching heart
to fault over someone who from
beginning was never mine...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Close to Him

I can die underneath the  darkness, 

wrapped in your arms ..

just to live close to your heart beats....


There was a time when i asked
"Is it alright if we get some distance between us"
and you replied
"Baby stay close and be mine forever."

Today when i asked
"Is it alright if we get some distance between us"
You reply "Only if you feel okay".
I stared at the 'Okay' for hours
wondering 'How can i ever be 'Okay' now'?

A Twitter Conversation.

He: *Takes out his sword and golden armor and walks by the side of the lady in hope that she notices him* but

Me: but?

 I have written half of the story, rest has to be completed by you.

 She knowingly looks away. He is brave yet not her love and she doesn't want him to hope and hurt!

 He loses the battle of love yet again but the war is not over and nor his love for her.

 Her worst fear is he won't quit and she doesn't want him to try!

 He never tries, as to try one need to do effort. It is the destiny which has tied him to her, he can't help.

 Its 'his' destiny tied to 'hers' , but in reality 'her's' was already destined for another soul

 Both souls move on their destiny, the paths coincide for a moment but memory stays for life time.

 The memory is what she doesn't want to keep, it will be better she thought if their destinies never collided, not even for a moment.

 Destiny is no decided by lessor soul like you or me, but its the moment which destiny surfaces are decided by us.Love-Hatred

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sour lines!

It seems he used her for her charms
and he left her with an aching heart
she didn't say a word,
cause partly it was her fault,
she let him in,
she opened a broken heart to a broken person
to realize it wasn't meant to be healed
but damaged further.
She laughed as tears rolled down
and she said ‘I deserve the pain,
not because I lost my love
but love made me loose a friend’.


I will Miss my Valentine

I wait for your call
talk till the time you say ' i need to sleep'.
I ask if i can help
when even in brief distress you be.
I wake up in the middle of night
to listen the complaints if you can't dream.
I laugh even on your saddest joke
so a smile on your face i see.
I take your moods & I take your anger,
I hold you close and say 'I am here'.
I adjust my schedule when
you ask me to be there.
I know exactly how to take your care.

I love you with bits and pieces
of my heart,
so much that my day starts with your thoughts
and ends by missing not being besides you.
If i could just cut the distance
you could see how much you mean to me
and how silently i shed my tears
as its Valentines and nowhere near are you to me!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Fight

We had a fight

He yelled ' I don't Get you ever'

and I replied ' I am not yours to Get'

Monday, February 4, 2013

Stolen Kisses!

I did love those stolen kisses
cause with them you did steal my heart
and now it parts in two
one loves the past him
and other loves the present you!